Commercial Security System

Your business just got robbed overnight and...
You watch it the next morning on your surveillance DVR. This is too late. the damage is done...
That is why we recommend an investment into a Commercial Security System by Videofied® that could have caught criminals in the act.
Let’s say you have a lot full of commercial vehicles that are parked overnight at your place of business. The next morning you wake up to realize that someone cut through the fence and stole every catalytic converter  from your vehicle inventory. Or, inside you find your computer server is missing, along with all of the data. Anger, denial, and disbelief sets in as you watch the replay the next morning from your local DVR (historical surveillance). If you would have had a Videofied system from OnGuard Security Solutions, there would have been a strong chance they could have been caught in the act before the damage was done (real-time surveillance).
How Videofied is different:
  • The cameras are completely wireless and can be placed anywhere.
  • They only activate when they sense motion.
  • Video is transmitted through cellular or wired internet connections.
  • A 10 second clip is sent to the monitoring station.
  • They can work quickly and silently in order to apprehend the intruder.
  • Infrared illumination range is up to 30 feet outdoor and an 15 feet indoor.
  • The MotionViewer does not trip on rain, snow or lightning except in extreme cases.
  • There are both indoor and outdoor models.
  • The transmisison system has a backup battery that lasts up to 4 years.
Your intrusion alarm goes off, the Police are called, and they refuse to come. Why?
If you don’t have real-time video surveillance as part of your security system, new laws could keep the police from showing up.
There are three types of police responses to an alarm call:
  1. Traditional response
  2. Priority response
  3. No response (see video below)
Copper Theft is Skyrocketing

Don't become another headline for copper theft.
Copper is stolen from:
  • Commercial building rooftop and ground HVAC units
  • Electrical substations
  • Plumbing and wiring in vacant properties
  • Construction sites
  • Junkyards.
  • Cell towers
  • Vehicles - parts, such as radiators
OnGuard's solution to copper theft prevention:
Watch a series of video clips below of copper thieves caught in action by Videofied.
For HVAC theft prevention, Copper Cop is mounted to a refrigeration or air conditioner unit, and can come in a hard wired or wireless configuration to connect to your existing security system. Copper Cop is ideal for:
  • Schools
  • Houses of worship
  • Single-story retail buildings
  • Cellular network facilities/towers
  • Substation outbuildings
Multiview monitors, HD cameras and DVRs
  • Keeping employees honest
  • Viewing productivity
  • Monitoring safety issues
  • Keeping an eye on the fuel pump
  • Watching the cash registers
  • Following customers
A multiview monitor setup with HD cameras and a DVR setup is  a security solution tool every business owner should consider. OnGuard has the latest in video surveillance technology.
Access Control For Businesses
OnGuard offers many access control configurations for both small business and enterprise. The Topaz software and hardware combination by Interlogix is a feature-packed solution.
  • Browser-style interface with Device Tree
  • Photo ID and badging software included
  • Integrated DVR support adds video recording to events
  • Intelligent controller keeps functioning even during host communications loss
  • TruPortal multi-technology access readers are offered in a number of styles and offer the advantage of simultaneous compatibility with multi-vendor credentials.
Fire Protection
OnGuard’s professionals will be sure to meet all codes with the design and  installation of your commercial fire alarm system.
Intrusion Alarms
The very basis of any premises security system is the intrusion alarm system. Contact an OnGuard security professional today to evaluate your system needs from the basic system to the complex.

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