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At OnGuard, we believe in relationships. We are hands on with tons of experience in the electronic security industry. We are able to secure your location with top brands and our trained technicians provide professional installation. No fluff, just facts with fair pricing.

We install and service security alarm systems, video surveillance cameras, access control, electronic locks and home automation. A few of our brands include: alarm.com, Guardian Protection Services, Honeywell, GE, QOLYSYS, DSC, Potter, Firelite, Dahua, Hanwha, LTS, Eagle Eye Networks, Genetec Stratocast, IMPD B-link, ProDataKey PDK, Linear, and several others. We will gladly come to your location or set up a meeting for phone advice.

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Common Questions About Security and Automation Systems

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Will your Central Station handle high call traffic during thunderstorms, floods, power outages?

Yes. Our partner Guardian Protection Services has redundant monitoring centers (central stations) in Pennsylvania and Arizona and has contingency plans in place to handle any situation.

What if our alarm system fails to operate? Will our home and business remain safe?

Yes, most likely. Our monitoring center will promptly become aware of communication failures and other important situations with most of our communication services. As a rule of thumb, the system supervised hourly or daily, such as alarm, two-way voice and video monitoring, calling designated contacts. If your alarm system is damaged, there are several factors that may or may not enable the system still to respond, specifically systems equipped with ‘smash and crash’ awareness technology can still alert the monitoring station. Multiple layers of detection, communication and hardening enable the system to perform as intended in a variety of situations.

I live in an area with a lot of power outages. Can I be assured that my system will still be monitored during this time?

Yes, for a period of time. All of our security and fire systems have backup batteries and your system will continue to work even when power is lost.

What if someone cuts my electric wire down to disable the alarm?

If a criminal cuts power to your home, or if you have outage due powerline damage, is it wise to have UPS devices (uninterruptible power supplies) connected to Video Recorders and camera power supplies.

Do you offer more than alarm systems?

Yes, we offer a host of environmental detection devices. Our security systems can detect smoke and fire. We also have carbon monoxide detectors and flood sensors in case of flooding and freeze.

Do you do automation and smart systems?

Yes, both of those are in the security realm. We use smart technology and customized apps which give our customers remote access via a smartphone to all their connected devices, such as garage doors, locks, thermostats and cameras. If you have a need for audio / visual sound systems, TV’s, home theater please notify us and we are happy to recommend you to a trusted affiliate partner.

Will someone actually come out and do a professional security survey and assessment?

Yes. One of our trained sales experts will visit your site and design a solution that is right for you. Relationships are important to us.

How much is the Security and Surveillance System estimate? Do you provide free estimates?

We provide NO COST, NO OBLIGATION estimates, surveys and information as it truly allows us to maximize the value we provide to clients. We rather not see our clients purchase equipment that is improper or of little value. Its no fun to buy too much or the wrong stuff. Yet, it is worse not to buy enough equipment or a flawed design and the system is then unable to perform its intended function.

If I move, will you assist me with the new installation and will my monthly payment amount change?

Yes. As long as you stay with us for monitoring, we will assist you in moving equipment or installing new equipment. We even have a FREE move program that you may qualify for.

Can I hire you to install a DIY kit that I am buying from a local of online retailer?

Yes, but we do not offer any warranty on products you bought. We will guarantee our workmanship to be of the highest quality. These jobs usually prove that it is best to go with a supplier-installer.