A custom residential job in the Village of West Clay

This job was referred to us by an electrician regarding getting a Video Doorbell connected. Their ‘previous’ alarm company was unsuccessful and gave up. It is a beautiful home in Carmel, Indiana.

Once we sized it up, we upgraded their alarm from an older Honeywell Vista alarm panel running on a alarm.com SEM to a Qolsys smart Security System as it handles automation so much better.

We connected existing smart locks, garage door controls, video doorbell and approximately 28 alarm zones. We also added automatic water shutoff so when they leave the house, the chance of a flood or water leak go way, way down. Plus, we added two water sensors. The homeowners had a recent pipe break in their finished basement just recently, so unfortunately they know full well the ramifications for water in a basement; expensive and nasty.

OnGuard tech’s Brandon and Dakota did a great job tackling this custom project and as usual, we learned something new that will help us on the next one. Great work guys!

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