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Access control systems for door locks are indeed an incredible option for boosting the security level. They allow only authorized people to make safe and secure access to highly secured zones of a building. In other words, these lock systems are effective in keeping away any unauthorized people from accessing anything stored within the protected area. Moreover, these access control door locks come in a wide range of varieties – from electronic keypads that are perfect for single doors to large networked systems for multiple buildings. Keep on reading to know more about different types of access control door systems.

Different Types of Access Control Door Locks:

  • Keypads: These lock systems are really common for single doors because they are less expensive. Even though they are popular, they offer less security as anyone can find the password and access the door.
  • Stand-Alone Locks: These locks are an “all-in-one” access control solution for single doors. They are super easy to install and can operate within a few minutes.
  • Wireless Entry Systems: These locking systems comprise a receiver and transmitter combination for remote door release.
  • Biometric Systems: These lock systems rely on the physical characteristics of the users to identify the authorized people and only let them access the space.
  • Intercom Systems: These lock systems comprise audio door answer and door release systems. So, several people around the world prefer using this locking system for the main doors of their buildings.

Features That Your Door Access Control System Must Have:

When you look for a reliable door lock system in the market, you will find there are several options for lock systems. However, there are five basic things that you must ensure your lock system has. These include the folowing:

  • Entry: It is a way for the authorized people to make their way into the secured zone within a free exit system.
  • Exit: It is a way by which all the users can exit through an interior out.
  • Locking Device: It refers to the locking device installed on the door to secure the place.
  • System Controller: It refers to the controller that manages the interaction between entry devices, exit devices, and locking devices.
  • Functionality: It refers to the specific requirements of your locking system, like if you need a time-based opening lock or a battery backup.

As you must have understood by now, you have to select your locking system considering all the features mentioned above. A reliable access control door locking system must have all the features to make you sure about the security of your space. So, if you are planning to install a door access control system soon, you can think of reaching out to us – WeAreOnGuard.

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