Video Analytics with Video Alarm Deterrence and Remote Central Station Monitoring

Video Analytics with Video Alarm

Video analytics is a technology that is used to increase the security level of any area. It uses a special algorithm to process a digital video signal and alert the user about any disturbance. This technology helps process video in real-time and transform it into intelligent data. This data is then used to detect and track objects or people who might be the cause of any trouble.

The video analytic systems use advanced algorithms and machine learning to monitor and manage a large volume of videos. They digitally analyze the video and then transform them into intelligent data which helps in decision-making.

With effective video analytics solutions, you can create tripwire alerts to see people using driveways, sidewalks, or gates. Other than that, you can even create ground alerts to observe specific areas like porches or backyards.

Benefits of Video Analytics to Security End-Users

Video analytic systems offer the ultimate solution for pure security concerns. Along with that, they let you easily monitor traffic and crowd, analyze footfall, and also spot social distancing and face mask detection.

Moreover, installing video surveillance devices is a perfect way to increase the security level of any building or place. Also, there is no doubt that video analytic systems are an attractive solution for many places. Once you have this system installed in your area, you no longer have to worry about how to find the person at fault if someone damages anything. With this precise system of real-time monitoring, you can easily spot how the incident took place and save on costs related to damage to property and assets.

On top of that, the video analytic systems are highly cost-effective that offer you augment security with new detection capabilities, and also let you reduce your in-house staff. Furthermore, you will be able to respond faster to issues in real-time, improve compliance and privacy, and uncover insights in large video archives.

Common applications for video analytics

Video analytic systems have a lot of use in today’s world. Here is a list of a few of the things that a video analytic system can do for you.

  • Object tracking
  • Left and removed object detection
  • Loitering detection
  • People counting
  • People tracking
  • Crowd detection
  • Image change/tamper detection
  • Motion Detection
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Auto-Tracking

Surely, several monitoring companies offer video analytic software with video alarms to help people monitor unwanted access to their properties or belongings. However, not every monitoring company can offer a customized monitoring solution like ours – WeAreOnGuard.

Why You Should Choose WeAreOnGuard?

WeAreOnGuard is one of the best monitoring companies across Indianapolis. Here, we understand everybody has their different needs when it is about their security., So, we let you customize your video analytics alerts to focus only on the events that matter to you. So, no matter where you plan to install a video analytic system and why, we promise to look after your needs and fulfil them. Also, you can watch to understand how the video analytic system worked better. To know further, come and join our hands today!


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