Alarm Monitoring Connections

How should my alarm system connect to the monitoring station?
Landline, broadband Internet, or cellular are the three ways your alarm system connects to the monitoring station. Which way is best? Should there be a backup connection?
There are three types of monitoring connections widely available in the industry: No.1 the tried and true phone land line, No.2 is cellular and No.3 is cable/DSL internet.
For the optimum protection and response we recommend redundant communications of 2 out of 3. However, the most popular today is cellular. Cellular transmits digital signal and is fast, accurate and fully supervised.
Many people are dropping land lines; many alarm companies are trying to connect the land line phone to a Voice Over IP. It’s taking in analog technology and shoving it in to a digital platform. Not a preferred application but we are working a pinch. Although I do need to make a disclaimer, most of your cable operators do not recommend that you connect an analog alarm to Voice Over IP so there’s something to be aware of.
However internet communication is fast and accurate so we do rely on multiple operators to provide good quality internet service and so we use cellular data connections and wired internet.
OnGuard Security Solutions specializes in security. We will design the best connectivity solution that fits your needs and budget. So have no worries, we are OnGuard.  

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