Motion Alarm Sensors

I have pets. Will their motion set off my alarm system? How is this handled?
Motion detectors certainly have their place in a security system installation. But their place should not be in every place!
Motion Sensors are one of the most overly sold products in the industry. What I mean by that is, with a motion sensor, for it to trip, that means they are already in the house.
That’s where the primary protection comes into play when intruders are already in the house. We would like to keep them out of the house.
The nice thing about motion sensors is that you get a lot of coverage out of one device. So they are very efficient, again they work best when you are away from home. So if that’s your primary security concern, motion sensors are a good alternative.
Now one thing to keep in mind with motion sensors, are pets or animals so that the typical motion sensors, wireless ones, can ignore a small animal up to 40 pounds when adjusted properly. That’s why you need to call on the professionals from OnGuard Security Solutions to install and setup motion sensors properly.
Have no worries, we are OnGuard.  

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