Alarm System Keypads and Control Pads

The alarm system keypad is the heart of the security system. 
There’s no need to settle for just a basic keypad. You have a choice. Today's keypads offer a wide range of features.
There are 6 things you should consider when choosing your security system keypad.
The 1st and the most important thing is the display. And thankfully there are lot of really nice color touchscreen displays available, to make system easy to operate. Get the information that you need such as the status of the system, function - whether it’s armed or disarmed it comes with the date. Weather – there are severe weather alerts all built into the keypad.
2nd, Ease of use. Whether we can properly and easily use the system includes more than volume adjustment, brightness control and the intuitive setup interface so the security system meets your particular needs.
3rd, Emergency Panic button. If there is an emergency, you should be able to get to the Panic button quickly. So we have police, fire and medical emergency Panic buttons built into the security system control pads. Push the Panic button and a loud siren triggers, and the monitoring station meanly notify to call the authorities. With the system there is also built in voice siren so that when the alarm does trip, you are going to hear exactly where the alarm is coming from.
4th, Two-way Voice. As the Guardian Protection Service authorized dealer an enhancer we provide a two way voice option. So with two way voice when the alarm activates the central station can actually speak to you through the keypad, hear what’s going on and make an informed decision. The bottom line -- the better communications enable us to serve you better.
5th, Video. Modern security systems very easily add wireless or wired video that you can display right through mobile app.
6th, Aesthetics. It looks nice, when it looks nice, you are going to be more inclined to use security system pad and show it off.  

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