Amazon Key for Business

amazon key for business

Multi-Family Property Managers, Apartment Communities, & Gated Communities can all benefit



If some basic conditions is met.


The Key for Business add-on modules integrates with your building’s existing access keyfob entry system, so your residents’ experience stays the same. Easy, quick and fast for you and them.

On delivery day, Amazon’s delivery drivers use the proprietary secure Amazon delivery app to request access to the building. Drivers can only access public areas like halls or mailrooms and tracked in GPS while at your property.

The Amazon Cloud (AWS) validates the Amazon driver’s credentials, including their ID, route, GPS location, and time of request, before granting access. Once the driver is validate by the cloud. They receive time-limited access for delivery.

We send clear delivery instructions, along with pictures, directly to the Amazon driver.

This leads to an 80% increase in delivery time and performance!

You may watch this:  Amazon Key for Business Video to learn more.

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Kirk Booher, Onguards

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