Posted on March 29, 2020 by Kirk Booher
Check out this brand new Human Body Fever Detecting Thermal Camera.
Thermal human body fever detection camera
It's fast, accurate and hi-tech and no cheap but how much does saving illness, a life or a possible lawsuit worth?
The whole system is about $ 25k installed (see complete kit below diagram). It can be moved, re-purposed and used in the future for round two or whatever lies ahead. When a cost analysis and performance is done, this is a great long term or rental solution.
It boasts thermal imaging, hi-res video and facial detection with smart alerts and alarms.
Watch this video to see how and where it's being used across the globe.
As we know, the virus started in China, so its fitting this manufacturer, which no doubt will save lives if utilized, is from China. 
It is truly a superb preventative measure with great features like non-invasive fever detection. It is fast and accurate when set-up properly in the right condition.
The Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution offers the latest hybrid thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor with a 2 MP visible-light sensor. The solution also provides a blackbody calibration device that maintains a customizable constant temperature as a reference point for the thermal camera. The thermal camera coupled with the blackbody calibration device and a feature-rich 4 TB Network Video Recorder delivers a contactless solution for continuous and non-invasive comparison of human skin temperature compared to the blackbody device. Thermal Temperature Monitoring technology enables quick detection of elevated skin temperatures compared to the customizable blackbody calibration device. Thermal imaging equipment can easily be installed and implemented to detect elevated skin temperature in environments such as airports, hospitals, clinics, office buildings, cruise ships, and any large public gathering location.
The Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution is not a medical device and is not designed or intended for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease or condition. The solution is a screening tool that businesses and households can use to identify individuals with elevated skin temperature compared to a customizable reference temperature on or entering their premises.
Contact OnGuard for further info 317.572.5777
Posted on March 18, 2020 by Kirk Booher
Prodatakey (PDK) is a main access control vendor / partner of ours. After watching their new rollouts plus all their other cool stuff, I think you will understand why. With new wireless door lock, intercom to access control integration, integration to video and so much more.
Posted on March 8, 2020 by Kirk Booher
OnGuard was able to upgrade an ADT fire alarm for a local Apartment complex. OnGuard has the experience and desire to take over, convert and upgrade many different alarm manufactures and installation companies. We were able to test and connect the existing security and fire sensors. For good measure, replaced and added a few devices. In the past year, a fire started in the mechanical room. Fortunately, the alarm quickly alerted the manager. Her team was able to quickly respond and put out the fire. Fortunately, no one was injured and much property and money were saved.
Monitored fire alarms save lives and property.
No Worries...
Posted on February 29, 2020 by Kirk Booher
OnGuard is super excited to share this video about a recent video surveillance / alarm system for a local auto dealer. This system is truly cutting edge. It is active with fast smart notifications to customer and/or monitoring station for verification and police / security guard dispatching. Watch this video and contact us if you have a need or questions for the dynamic surveillance solution.
Posted on February 1, 2020 by Kirk Booher
OnGuard Security is please to announce our selection and approval to work with IMPD (Indianapolis Marion-county Police Department) B-link program.
B-Link Info:
Partner with IMPD to link you cameras via our innovative new technology platform.  Securely share live stream video, which is immediately available to IMPD's 
Incident Analysis Center.
It takes a team. pro's true success relies upon our partners to help connect your business or location through integration and installation.
OnGuard Security sees this as a wonderful opportunity for the corporate / business entities in the Indianapolis area to partner with and share live and recorded video surveillance footage. This is will no doubt help keep the streets and police officers safer. 
To participate, a business must have internet upload speeds of at least 10 megabytes per second (Mbps).  The basic new installation package includes two (2) perimeter cameras and installation, with one-time equipment and installation charges starting at $900.  In addition, integration into the platform requires a $18 per month per camera fee.  The team is also exploring options to link existing cloud-based cameras into the platform.  This option would require a one-time equipment fee and a monthly per camera fee.
OnGuard recently installed 2 security cameras pro-bono at a local Shell Gasoline Station as part of this program roll-out.
Contact OnGuard directly for more details or the link listed above.
Posted on December 31, 2019 by Kirk Booher
This incident just happened a few days ago at a local apartment complex in Indianapolis. A man walks out of unit on the left, top of the screen. A car with two individuals pass. Then many shot are fired.
You can bet the Property Manager and Police have or will soon find these video security cameras are helpful. That what we do at OnGuard. We have multiple cameras wirelessly connected throughout the complex and have a good description of the getaway vehicle. Get your Video on. OnGuard can help.
Contact us now to discover more!
Posted on November 26, 2019 by Kirk Booher
We are excited to get this new video surveillance project underway! 
It all started because we were willing to do 1 sewer camera; Not glamorous, not that much money in it, and we had to innovate a tad and try a couple of options for the right fit but they liked it very much. 
This is the 3 subsequent job hence.  Just proves, all great oak trees start from a small acorn. 
Now, to get it installed in a timely and professional manner. I know our small but mighty team will handle it!
Posted on June 28, 2019 by Kirk Booher
Check out the interface with Apple's iWatch and
                                     Apple iWatch and app
Talk about convenience!
The app for Apple Watch includes features like:
  • Arm or Disarm the system
  • Control locks
  • Control garage door
  • Control thermostats
  • Control lights
  • View live video from most cameras

Note: At this time, the Apple Watch app currently does not support Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras, '22 series, '25 series, and '26 series cameras.
Glance view allows you to quickly check the status of your system, and Actionable Notifications allow you to respond to certain notifications directly from the Apple Watch
To add the complication to a watch face using the Apple Watch: 
Go to the Home screen. To return to the Home screen from another app or screen, press the Digital Crown (dial on the side of the watch). 

Firmly press and hold the display.
The Home screen will zoom out and Customize will appear below the current watch face.
Note: Some watch faces are not customizable. If the face is not customizable, there will be no Customize option. Swipe left or right to select a face that has the Customize option. 

Tap Customize.
At the top of the watch face you will see small dots. One will be white, the others grey, this indicates the number of pages that can be edited. Swipe to a page with small square boxes.

Tap the location on the face you would like to add the complication to.

Note: The Complication can only be placed in the small square boxes.
Rotate the Digital Crown (dial on the side of the watch) to scroll through available complication icons.

Note: The Complication icon is:

To save your changes, press the Digital Crown.
Tap the watch face or press the Digital Crown to set this as your current face.
Posted on May 28, 2019 by Kirk Booher
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Integrated Security Layers are Critical
Smart, layered security is an essential strategy for all security scenarios. They are certainly critical to stop or at least slow down mad man.
According to data from the US Naval Postgraduate School, there were 94 school gun violence incidents in 2018 — a record high since 1970, which is as far back as the data goes, and 59 percent higher than the previous record of 59 in 2006.
Facing this reality, what can we do to minimize the risk and damage associated with an active shooter?
That is a 'loaded' question and this is a systemic problem.
There isn't much we can do whether it be a school, church, or other public institutions to change a tide of this proportion without major changes in our culture.  Those big-picture fixes are beyond the scope of this article. 
There are however some practical solid things that can be done. 
Here in the State of Indiana, check for school grants to help fund your project. Contact us for details there. We can point you in the right direction.
Smart access control and video intercoms make a big difference for a fair price. With the advent of IP smart devices, there is a lot that can be done to empower onsite and first responders.
Cameras with LPR (License Plate Recognition) are quite doable. 
To find out more and explore specific options for your building and situation, contact us for details. We can present a variety of proven solutions.
Kirk Booher
Posted on May 10, 2019 by Kirk Booher
Video Analytics is here and here to stay. It works great! It super when combined with a smart alarm, locks and more.
It reduces approximately 96% of false video triggers like trees blowing, shadows, bugs, etc.
This video analytic service is applicable for residential and small-medium business (SMB) commercial settings.
Check out this brief video on how video works:
Click above to watch video
Your smart video monitoring could be even more valuable with's video analytics, an intelligent new service that distinguishes important events from routine activity in real time.
Smart video monitoring is a modern security essential. With video alerts, live camera feeds and 24-hour recording options, the video makes it easy to stay in the know about important activity at your home or business. 

Video analytics is a smart intelligent security feature that monitors your property's video streams to distinguish important events from routine activity. It puts you in the know easier than ever. It uses this real-time, allowing you to be pro-active, giving you plain and clear insight to filter and categorize activity, giving your video monitoring a new level of control, customization and value. That is for sure! You gotta see it in action!

Video analytics uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), developed by's computer vision research team for home and business security. It can tell whether a moving object in your driveway is a person, an animal or a vehicle. It can ignore a person who quickly visits your front door and then leaves (the mailman), but alert you if a visitor lingers too long in the same place. It makes these distinctions in real time before alerting you—or not—according to your preferences. 

Video analytics also lets you create virtual "zones" and multi-directional "tripwires" for your cameras, enabling it to further categorize activity based on the layout of your home or business and the areas you need to protect. You can know when: 

Vehicles come and go: Know when a vehicle stops outside your home or office, but not every time a vehicle drives past. 

Visitors linger: Get a video alert if someone lingers by your door, but not when the mail is delivered. 

If people or pets break the rules: Know if your pet breaks the rules to nap on the couch when you're at work—or if your neighbor's dog pays an unwelcome visit to your lawn or a trespasser comes onto your property in an unwelcome area.
Streaming Video Recorder (SVR)
This system is great for home, small business, and other properties up to 8 cameras with the standard plan. Our standard offering includes a 1TB internal hard drive. svr local storage with cloud connection for video security
Commercial Streaming Video Recorder (CSVR just now available at time of this post)
With new CSVR we can support up to 16 cameras with 16TB of redundant local hard drive storage. CSVR (Commercial Streaming Video Recorder - Cloud video)
Video analytics is the latest in a line of proactive, intelligent safeguards developed by, installed by OnGuard and monitored by you or our Central Station to keep your home or business safer, including Crash and Smash protection,  Unexpected Activity Alerts and Geo-Services triggers. 
Contact us today to get more info on this game-changing service! 
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