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Technology magic with what we do with electronic security, cameras, access control
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Check out the interface with Apple's iWatch and
                                     Apple iWatch and app
Talk about convenience!
The app for Apple Watch includes features like:
  • Arm or Disarm the system
  • Control locks
  • Control garage door
  • Control thermostats
  • Control lights
  • View live video from most cameras

Note: At this time, the Apple Watch app currently does not support Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras, '22 series, '25 series, and '26 series cameras.
Glance view allows you to quickly check the status of your system, and Actionable Notifications allow you to respond to certain notifications directly from the Apple Watch
To add the complication to a watch face using the Apple Watch: 
Go to the Home screen. To return to the Home screen from another app or screen, press the Digital Crown (dial on the side of the watch). 

Firmly press and hold the display.
The Home screen will zoom out and Customize will appear below the current watch face.
Note: Some watch faces are not customizable. If the face is not customizable, there will be no Customize option. Swipe left or right to select a face that has the Customize option. 

Tap Customize.
At the top of the watch face you will see small dots. One will be white, the others grey, this indicates the number of pages that can be edited. Swipe to a page with small square boxes.

Tap the location on the face you would like to add the complication to.

Note: The Complication can only be placed in the small square boxes.
Rotate the Digital Crown (dial on the side of the watch) to scroll through available complication icons.

Note: The Complication icon is:

To save your changes, press the Digital Crown.
Tap the watch face or press the Digital Crown to set this as your current face.
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Video Analytics is here and here to stay. It works great! It super when combined with a smart alarm, locks and more.
It reduces approximately 96% of false video triggers like trees blowing, shadows, bugs, etc.
This video analytic service is applicable for residential and small-medium business (SMB) commercial settings.
Check out this brief video on how video works:
Click above to watch video
Your smart video monitoring could be even more valuable with's video analytics, an intelligent new service that distinguishes important events from routine activity in real time.
Smart video monitoring is a modern security essential. With video alerts, live camera feeds and 24-hour recording options, the video makes it easy to stay in the know about important activity at your home or business. 

Video analytics is a smart intelligent security feature that monitors your property's video streams to distinguish important events from routine activity. It puts you in the know easier than ever. It uses this real-time, allowing you to be pro-active, giving you plain and clear insight to filter and categorize activity, giving your video monitoring a new level of control, customization and value. That is for sure! You gotta see it in action!

Video analytics uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), developed by's computer vision research team for home and business security. It can tell whether a moving object in your driveway is a person, an animal or a vehicle. It can ignore a person who quickly visits your front door and then leaves (the mailman), but alert you if a visitor lingers too long in the same place. It makes these distinctions in real time before alerting you—or not—according to your preferences. 

Video analytics also lets you create virtual "zones" and multi-directional "tripwires" for your cameras, enabling it to further categorize activity based on the layout of your home or business and the areas you need to protect. You can know when: 

Vehicles come and go: Know when a vehicle stops outside your home or office, but not every time a vehicle drives past. 

Visitors linger: Get a video alert if someone lingers by your door, but not when the mail is delivered. 

If people or pets break the rules: Know if your pet breaks the rules to nap on the couch when you're at work—or if your neighbor's dog pays an unwelcome visit to your lawn or a trespasser comes onto your property in an unwelcome area.
Streaming Video Recorder (SVR)
This system is great for home, small business, and other properties up to 8 cameras with the standard plan. Our standard offering includes a 1TB internal hard drive. svr local storage with cloud connection for video security
Commercial Streaming Video Recorder (CSVR just now available at time of this post)
With new CSVR we can support up to 16 cameras with 16TB of redundant local hard drive storage. CSVR (Commercial Streaming Video Recorder - Cloud video)
Video analytics is the latest in a line of proactive, intelligent safeguards developed by, installed by OnGuard and monitored by you or our Central Station to keep your home or business safer, including Crash and Smash protection,  Unexpected Activity Alerts and Geo-Services triggers. 
Contact us today to get more info on this game-changing service! 
or click the box at the top of the home page
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Indy Business Peeps, check this CyberSecurity learning and networking event on May 16th, 5:30pm a Four Day Ray in Downtown Fishers.  First time visitors are FREE. Appetizers provided. 
Rainmakers Tech Forward >> Event Link
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Cell communicators are the most popular forms of alarm communication to Central Monitoring Stations and pushing notifications to customers. 
They are popular because:
1. Supervised - the alarm company should now quickly when they are offline or have problems.
2. App - they provide customers with a digital connection to the internet.
3. Fast - being all digital the data and notifications the monitoring stations and customers apps typically just take a few seconds.
4. Reliable - your alarm company is in control of what happens, unlike relying on a 3rd party who may disconnect, shut off, switch, etc. This, of course, improves reliability.
There are a few drawbacks, like anything, including:
1. They need updating periodically as what happened a few years ago with the 2g network.
T-Mobile will sunset their 2G network no later than December 31, 2020 (highest priority to upgrade). AT&T and Verizon 2g were shut down 2 years ago.
3G radio sunset dates:
The sunset date for and Verizon 3G (CDMA) is Dec. 31, 2022
AT&T 3G sunset date has not been set but assumes Dec. 31, 2022.
ADC ( will discontinue accepting 3G activations on June 30th, 2019.
2. They can be wirelessly jammed. 
3. Rely on cell towers, though are generally reliable.
LTE stands for Long Term Evolution is supposed to last longer than 3g. With the advent of 5g, we don't know how long is long. Verizon currently says 2032 which if true, is plenty long with the advent of technology these days.
Redundancy is always a good idea with regard to security.
Other forms of communication include the Internet via wired or WiFi. Landline phones are still possible but not recommended. Alarms were never designed to communicate over VoIP internet-based phone systems though companies do connect them, it is the least desirable way to reliably communicate emergency alarm signals.
Several of our manufacture's system can have multiple forms of communication. QOLSYS can be also connected via WiFi plus built-in cell. We use Verizon as our standard. DSC NEO sports cell and hard line internet connection.
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Oftentimes thieves and misguided souls do more damage by their break-ins and vandalism than what they actually steal. This was definitely the case here. Most cameras only show you what happened in the past like this case. Adding a Commercial Monitored Security System would have likely stopped this person immediately. Together they make a powerful defense!
KOKOMO, Ind. (WTHR) — Around 4 a.m. on Tuesday, a man broke into a Kokomo restaurant by kicking in the glass door.
After entering Julianno's, the suspect began knocking over tables and chairs. Then he proceeded to take his clothes off while walking through the kitchen and back area.
The man, who had not been identified, spent hours in the restaurant, which was caught on surveillance cameras.
During his visit, the man cut himself on glass, leaving a trail blood in the restaurant as well.
The restaurant will be closed until next Tuesday because of the blood and clean up process.
The owner told WTHR's Mary Milz that it was the weirdest thing he'd ever seen.
No items were taken from the store, only damaged.
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The Citizen's Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice released a report that reveals the world's 50 most dangerous cities. 
The ranking was calculated using the average number of homicides per 100,000 residents. 
The 50 of the world's most dangerous cities include:
  1. Tijuana, Mexico - 138 
  2. Acapulco, Mexico - 110.50
  3. Caracas, Venezuela - 99.98
  4. Victoria, Mexico - 86.01
  5. Juarez, Mexico - 85.56
  6. Irapuato, Mexico - 81.44 
  7. Guayana, Venezuela - 78.30
  8. Natal, Brazil - 74.67 
  9. Fortaleza, Brazil - 69.15 
  10. Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela - 69.09
  11. Cape Town, South Africa - 66.36
  12. Belem, Brazil - 65.31
  13. Cancun, Mexico - 64.47
  14. Feira de Santana, Brazil - 63.29
  15. St. Louis - United States - 60.59
  16. Culiacan, Mexico - 60.52
  17. Barquisimeto, Venezuela - 56.67
  18. Uruapan, Mexico - 54.52
  19. Kingston, Jamaica - 54.12
  20. Obregon, Mexico - 52.09
  21. Maceio, Brazil - 51.46
  22. Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil - 50.75
  23. Baltimore, United States - 50.52
  24. San Salvador, El Salvador - 50.32
  25. Aracaju, Brazil - 48.77
  26. Coatzacoalcos, Mexico - 48.35
  27. Palmira, Colombia - 47.97
  28. Maturin, Venezuela - 47.24
  29. Salvador, Brazil - 47.23
  30. Macapa, Brazil - 47.20
  31. Cali, Colombia - 47.03
  32. Celeva, Mexico - 46.99
  33. San Pedro Sula, Honduras - 46.67
  34. Ensenada, Mexico - 46.60
  35. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brasil - 46.28
  36. Tepic, Mexico - 44.89
  37. Manaus, Brasil - 44.00
  38. Guatemala, Guatemala - 43.73
  39. Recife, Brazil - 43.72
  40. Distrito Central - 43.30
  41. San Juan, Puerto Rico - 42.40
  42. Valencia, Venezuela - 42.36
  43. Reynosa, Mexico - 41.48
  44. Joao Pessoa, Brazil - 41.36
  45. Nelson Mandela Bay - South Africa - 39.16
  46. Detroit, United States - 38.78
  47. Durban, South Africa - 38.51
  48. Terisina, Brazil - 37.61
  49. Chihuahua, Mexico - 37.50
  50. New Orleans, United States - 36.87
The list obtained from the Seguridad Justicia y Paz website. In the methodology, the report mentions that the major difficulty when obtaining data for the ranking was the lack of transparency from many countries in the list. It also states that Mexico has replaced Brazil by having the most dangerous cities in the world now, despite the fact that Brazil has 67% more citizens than Mexico. 
The report discusses cities that are included in the ranking for the first time and cities that have moved out of the list, as well. 
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This is a powerful test and clearly shows the advantage of Photoelectric detectors in most cases.
Nice job there Bob!
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Just in case you don't have one of these Dobs, call us now!
And if they bring steak, call us first!
And if you have steak, call us before its all gone!
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While putting in an access control and alarm systems for commercial business, DB Services, the other day, the owner Kevin Hammond was a hero of sorts to take me down and introduce me to the Property Management firm that he rents from unsolicited. That is the initiative and certainly a reason his company has grown as it has.
That was a wonderful gesture and made my day!
While there, I just had to take a snapshot of their team member of the month wall pictures.
I like it very much. One of our motto's at OnGuard is 'there is a Super Hero in everyone'. There was sure one in Kevin Hammond that day. Thanks Man!
Sincerely, Kirk Booher.
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