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Check out this nifty crime map. Unfortunately, the City of Indianapolis stopped reporting but you can view Fishers, Carmel, incidents including: 
 Assault with Deadly Weapon
 Other Sexual Offense
 Sexual Assault
 Sexual Offense
 Breaking & Entering
 Property Crime
 Property Crime Commercial
 Property Crime Residential
 Theft from Vehicle
 Quality of Life
911 Or Other
 Family Offense
 Missing Person
 Pedestrian Stop
 Vehicle Recovery
 Vehicle Stop
 Weapons Offense
 Community Policing
 Proactive Policing
It is also possible to report tips and register video surveillance cameras to help the police.
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This is the latest and greatest all in one alarm for residential and light commercial.
Check out this brief video:
And contact us for further info.
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School Security for Indiana
It is no secret that our schools need to beef up their security more than ever with the recent shootings and mayhem.
Governor Holcomb has called the legislature back for a special session with a request to add $ 5,000,000 for special funding and low-interest loans for school security here in Indiana as WTHR reports.
This is part of the state’s Indiana Secured School Fund, which offers grants to schools for security.
There are many high tech and reasonable cost systems available including hi-def cameras with built-in high noise detection analytics which detect gunshots, glass breaking, and other loud noises. There is a lot of quality free or low-cost software to monitor doors, cameras, and emergencies.
Access control systems can have built-in push notifications or door breaches, unauthorized attempts with immediate lockdown and be triggering alarms and video surveillance feeds to staff, security guards and police.
It's also possible to integrate access control with video cameras on one or more doors for syncing and quick reports. With the internet of things, the systems can door more and more with less and less.
This school is well equipped and has made national media attention. It is great!
With today’s technology, the systems keep getting better and better for less and less. Another example of this is wireless commercial alarms which can cover a large building reliably all kinds of sensors and panic buttons linked to simultaneous notifications to multiple people. 
This site has some handy tips.
There is so much more happening in this space so please contact us for the latest and greatest.
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We, at OnGuard Security Solutions, never stop improving our product and offer mix to meet growing demand for efficiency and accuracy of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
OnGuard Security Solutions installs Potter Electric Signal Company's Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
This year we are glad to announce that we have created a new partnership with Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC as our primary Fire Alarm Vendor. Potter manufactures and supplies state of the art Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Sprinkler Monitors, Corrosion Solutions and Nitrogen Generation and other commercially used Safety and Loss Prevention equipment. Potter Electric Signal Company has been operating in St. Louis, Missouri for over 120 years.
Potter Electric Signal Company is:
  • Holds Loss Prevention Certification Board certificate
  • Assembles products in the USA
We install Potter's Fire Alarm Systems with Addressable Pull Stations. Addressing a Pull Station brings more accuracy in Fire Safety. With Addressable Pull Stations in place Alarm Monitoring (Central) Station operators are able to pinpoint which pull station was engaged and direct Fire and Rescue teams in the most efficient way, hence increasing the chance of survival, injury-free fire accidents, and prevent loss of tangible assets.
Potter features IP-connected Fire Alarm Systems which enables us to integrate Potter Fire Alarm System into OnGuard Security Solutions designed Enterprise Security Solution with Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarms and Intrusion Protection.
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Hanwha Wisenet WAVE software allows easy calibration of fisheye lens cameras with Fisheye Dewarping feature. We can set up the ceiling, wall, floor or table mounted fisheye camera and separate view area into “flat”, easy to see segments for better view and analysis. The Dewarping Calibration can be done automatically or fine-tuned manually. This function is also available for cameras with panamorphic lenses (panamorphic lenses are prism-shaped, projecting video on wide matrices (screens) with HD quality upscale by reordering pixels to make resolution denser without loss of energy to darken unused pixels).
Fisheye IP cameras, deployed by OnGuard Security Solutions, may significantly decrease cost of surveillance with less hardware to purchase and maintain, lower bandwidth consumption, without compromising quality and efficiency.
Wisenet WAVE - Fisheye Dewarping demo
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OnGuard Security Solutions is the first Electronic Security Company in Central Indiana to offer wide range of Hanwha Techwin Mid- to High-End video surveillance solutions, including Wisenet SSM an all-in-one management software platform that maximizes the efficiency of Wisenet network products and features:
  • High quality Deployment by OnGuard Security Solutions
  • Convenient Remote Management
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Intelligent Event Management
  • Advanced Smart Video Search
  • Extensive Third Party Product and Service Integration
One of the most valuable features is Wisenet's ability to serve HD video from Security Surveillance Cameras with almost 10 times less network capacity requirements:
Video Surveillance Indianapolis
With Hanwha Techwin's video technology for enterprise, from OnGuard Security Solutions, can significantly improve surveillance efficiency and decrease network load, freeing capacity to serve other mission-critical data, resulting in significant savings. Click here to get our free Quick Quote and start improving your IT and financial performance!
Hanwha's Wisenet SSM presentation
Solution Summary
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We are consistently look for top sales, installation and office talent. If you wish to submit an application, please do so here:
Fill out my online form
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Do you use wireless cameras? Are they Hi-Def?
Wireless Security Cameras
With today’s technology you can and we do recommend wireless security cameras in certain applications. Read more
Hi-Definition Security Camera Advantage
Other interesting thing is the difference between HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition). Read more
Black-and-White Security Cameras
Another important consideration is the choice between color and black-and-white security cameras. Read more
Give us a call or email us for no obligation guaranteed free quick quote.
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Video surveillance clients who have been using the Broview app to log into their DVR to remote view cameras need to download SuperLivePro from the Apple app store here and enter the same settings (Port, which is normally 8000, User Name, Password). iOS11 is not currently supported by Broview and the manufacturer has not provided us a time frame when Broview will again be compatible.
The current DVR we use is now running NVMS7000 for remote viewing of video surveillance and security camera systems. If you would like to get quote on upgrading which allows Hi Def 3 mega pixel (10x greater resolution than analog) cameras that will work on the same wire or anything else, contact us for a price and features.
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Alarm Company Comparison Form

Choose wisely the company entrusted to protect what matters most.

Category # OnGuard / Guardian # Company B # Company C


Facility Awards   2015 Central Station of the year by CSAA


Only 2 time winner to date

Certifications   UL Commercial and Residential, 5 star diamond by the CSAA, Factory Mutual        
Backups   Redundant facilities in PA and AZ,


3 power generators, dual communication trunks from separate tele-communication providers, secure building with access cntrl

Response Time   23 seconds average        
Years in Business   67 years        
Primary Communication   Verizon wireless LTE (or AT&T)        
Alternative Communication   Alarmnet, Telguard, Landline, IP        
2-way Voice   Enhanced svc via 2-way voicelink


Never be home alone during an emergency

Video Monitoring Service   Yes, Rapid Response        
Monitoring rate guarantee   Monitoring rate price protection for term        
Technician Training   Trained by factory reps        
Background checked   Yes        
Drug tested   Yes, Random        
Owner’s wife standard   Yes   NA   NA
Communication   Yes, Call when enroute, text, office        
Project mgr.   Yes        
Proper installation checklist   Yes, 33 point        
Certificate of Completion Process and Form   All zones confirmed to monitoring ctr        
Training and set-up   Up to 1 hr. included, no add charge        
Cleanup   We will leave your as is, if not cleaner.        
Uniformed technicians   Yes        
Identification credentials   Yes        
Alarm brands   2gig GC2-GC3, DSC NEO, Honeywell Vista, Interlogix Simon and Concord, Firelite, other        
Video brands   LTS-HIKvision, TruVision, HTS, VideoFied, other        
Access Control brands   Interlogix TruPortal, IEI,        
Warranty   One year parts and labor (3 support plans available with 3yr and Lifetime Warranty)        
Pricing   Itemized and transparent        
Monitoring rate guarantee   Monitoring rate price protection for term        
Recycling   We recycle old equipment and batteries.        
3 support plans available   Silver, Gold & Platinum Options:


Allows you to budget and get the custom level of service and support you want beyond our standard Bronze warranty.

Guarantee   Triple Guarantee


1)$ 500 theft deductible

2) 6 month satisfaction guarantee or

E your money back

3) Free move of alarm basic pkg after 1 yr*

Emergency service available   24/7 if you need us        
Interactive   Mobile tech via allows us to diagnose and fix many issues remotely        
Office manager / Customer service agent   Full time to serve your needs        
Emergency Installs   If you have an emergency, we have one.        
Angie’s list   OnGuard Super Service Award Winner


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Home Advisors   5 star rated        
Google   5 star rated        
Veteran Certified Business   Yes        
Guardian Protection Services


Authorized Dealer

  5 years        
Owner’s years of industry experience   Since 1983 (34 years)        
Independent   We carry multiple brands and services to best suit your needs, not ours.        
Partners   We believe in aligning ourselves with the best of the best.        
Comprehensive 7 point security level   We strive to provide complete security solutions. Were we are unable to deliver with expertise we refer.        
Digital fingerprint program   Free Digital BioDocs at Community Events        
Local ‘brick and motor’   Yes, local service and installation        
Referral rewards   OnGuard cash or free monitoring        
Owner – Operator directly involved   Yes        

OnGuard Security Solutions

6330 E 75th St Suite 120
 Indianapolis, IN 46250
Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
 Saturday: 9am - 5pm
 Sunday: Closed
6330 East 75th Street., Suite 120 Indianapolis, IN 46250