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Security Alarms
Fishers has an alarm ordinance that requires homes and businesses with security/fire alarm systems to have an alarm permit application on file with the police department. The purpose of the permit is to accurately track contact information for the owners of these structures and help reduce the number of false fire and security alarms.
The alarm permit has a bi-annual fee of $25 and is non-transferrable. Alarm renewal permit applications are mailed roughly a month in advance of your renewal date. You must make sure to update the police department of any changes in contact information.
The police and fire department respond to every reported alarm. If you accidentally set off the alarm, we ask you to call your alarm company and the non-emergency dispatch at (317) 773-1282 and ask to send a “disregard” message to the officer or fire department.
The ordinance grants three false alarms within a calendar year prior to recording an “offense” false alarm. Beginning with the fourth false alarm, the violation will be considered a first offense and fined accordingly. The fine schedule is progressive in nature. The first offense is $50, second offense is $100, and third and subsequent offenses are $150. You can read the ordinance in its entirety by viewing Title XI, Chapter 111 of the Fishers Code of Ordinances.
The intent of this ordinance is to insure that security/fire alarm systems function properly and that operators are doing their part to minimize false alarms. By reducing our responses to false alarms, duty officers are available to respond to other calls for service.
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Fire Protection Systems Test Checklists
  • Fishers Fire Department Fire Alarm  LINK
  • Fire Alarm Record of Completion LINK
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Emergency Kit
Preparing an Emergency Kit
The first component of being prepared for disasters is to have an emergency supply kit for each person in your home. The supply kits should be stocked with enough items to last for three days.
Important items to include in an emergency kit include:
  • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation.
  • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food.
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • First Aid kit.
  • Whistle to signal for help.
  • Dust mask, to help filter contaminated air.
  • Plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal air leaks if you shelter-in-place.
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation.
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities.
  • Can opener for food (if kit contains canned food).
  • Local maps.
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger.
In addition to the basic items, you should also include important medications, supplies for pets, important documents, hygiene items and a change of clothing.
You can also keep household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper on hand. When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. Do not use scented, color safe or bleaches with added cleaners.
  • Don’t Forget the Pets
  • What your pet emergency kit should include
  • Container of water
  • One week supply of canned or dry food
  • Can opener
  • Dishes for food and water
  • Any medication that your pet requires
  • Cage/carrier
  • Leash/collar
  • Plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet
  • Kitty litter
  • A blanket or towel
  • A familiar toy
  • Medical records
  • A backpack or duffle bag for storing the above items
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QUESTION: From your travels and expertise, do you have a recommendation for an outdoor IP security camera? I was looking at Trivision NC336PW and Phylink Bullet Pro. I have my own NAS and want app/text notification for motion. Happy Easter! He is RIsen!! Thanks, Mark
ANSWER: 1st motion outdoors is normally a pain…too much uncontrolled motion so you will likely get too many notifications so I wouldn’t recommend. Video analytics is getting better but not there yet for consumer grade devices. Recording motion is fine.
Also, I generally try to wire cameras vs Wi-Fi when practical. Since they take power it is often almost as easy to run data and power at same time. But if hard to get wire there and power is close and you have a solid Wi-Fi signal and bandwidth, the wireless is viable but can be finicky.
I don’t have experience with either of those cameras but they don’t look bad at a glance. As standard, we use a nvr / dvr for recording and remote view but pretty sure there is recent software to pull that camera in but would check that.
If you want to explore are more comprehensive, professional solution…do tell. I hope this helps and let me know how the project goes if you do it.
Happy Easter!
Yours for greater safety,
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QUESTION: Yes, this makes me NOT want to work with ADT in the future! Had to plug it in again because the alarm went off again. So frustrating, and the plug gets so hot… it can’t be safe.
ANSWER: Those alarm transformers generally run very warm but are safe.
QUESTION: Does anyone know what this is, and how I can get it off my wall?! It’s from the previous owners of our house and comes with no numbers pad. It has a huge plug that screws into the wall which gets really hot and honestly looks like a fire hazard. We unplugged it two nights ago, and TODAY an ear piercing security alarm went off from the box. The only way to turn it off was to plug it back in. I called ADT to have them come remove it but our “account isn’t active so a technician won’t come out.” Literally the only advice the lady on the phone told me was to “leave it unplugged so the whole system powers down.” Ok lady, but plugging it in is the ONLY WAY TO STOP THE EAR PIERCING SOUND!!!! She just repeated over and over the same thing, to leave it unplugged, and that was “all she had.” I know she’s just doing her job but letting an ear piercing alarm just go off in our house (and who knows when it’ll happen again?!) is just not an acceptable solution. Any tips???! I want my husband to just pry it off the wall and clip the cords I guess, but obviously don’t want to damage the wall behind it.
ANSWER: Ma’am, I have a key and dont mind taking that down for you for free. The box is of little value but I live in the area and it would only take a few mins. I am the alarm business and we have re-activated 100s of these ADT Honeywell Vista Alarm panels. Just shoot me a msg if you still need some help.
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OnGuard Security Solutions, an authorized dealer for Guardian Protection Services, will be providing free Child ID BioDocs to children at the upcoming City of Fishers – City Wide Open on May 22nd from 3-8pm.
Families with younger children are encouraged to attend and get your free ID BioDoc.
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Check out how Matrix IR performs vs traditional IR.
IR is an abbreviation for Infrared. It allows camera to see in darkness with the use of infrared lighting which is invisible to the human eye but video camera can use it to see in darkness producing a black and white image.
For night vision the more lighting the better but this isn’t always possible or practical.  Not all cameras are alike. Better quality cameras use a variety of features including WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which helps cameras see in varied, different lighting conditions. Better cameras use WDR or True WDR vs DWDR which is Digital or artificial.
Matrix IR vs regular IR helps reduce ghosting or shadow effects at low light.
Here is video demonstrating Matrix vs regular IR.
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When it comes to video cameras, there are a lot of choices. Low end, high end, value, performance, DYI, Professional grade, etc. This camera pack a powerful punch without breaking the back. It is an excellent value. It has most all of the best features without the few not needed that carry a lot of cost.
Here is a brief video showing the ‘profile’ of the LTS 4.1MP Wide Angle Turrent Dome Camera:
Contact OnGuard today for a personal online or in office / home demonstration and pricing. 317.572.5777 or fill out Contact Form on the home page.
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There are 7 Security Zones that you need to be aware of in your Home … Take a look at them below and Rate yourself. (Download this 7 Point Test in PDF Form by CLICKING HERE to Print and Use)
1 – Deter  –  As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What Kind of Prevention tools have you put into place in your home?
TEST YOURSELF: Ask yourself , Do I have adequate crime deterrents such as visible signs, fences, stickers, dog(s), cameras, rose bushes near windows, & Lighting & Locks?
2 – Detect  –  Whether you are home or not, you should be able to DETECT when something is not right in any of the 3 areas of (1) Security (2) LifeSafety or (3) Environmental hazard.
TEST YOURSELF: Do I have Motion Sensors, Cameras, Glass Break Detectors, Doorbell Camera & / or peephole. I have Smoke, Heat, Freeze, Carbon Monoxide & Flood Level Detectors to detect possible threats to My Safety, My Property or My Loved Ones?
3 – Alert  –  Once your detection devices have picked up something, YOU &/or the POLICE, FIRE, EMT or Loved Ones need to be alerted to the activity for appropriate response.
TEST YOURSELF: My detection system is setup to ALERT ME & / or 1st Responders via Text, Email, Phone &/or Siren that something isn’t right. I have ALARM(s) on my Home, Business, Automobile(s) & Someone is Patrolling my neighborhood / Storage Facilities?
4 – Defend  –  Your Life, Your Family, Your Property.
Whether or not you choose to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, OnGuard Security Solutions wants to make absolute sure that you have every possible tool & training at your disposal to defend your life, your family, and your property should someone pose a threat to your security.
Once a Criminal has not been deterred by signs and fences and doesn’t care that you have detected him with your alarm sensors or even that you or the police have been alerted and they proceed to attack you or your loved ones, there is only 1 rule … survival.
Criminals don’t play by the rules, so neither should you* when defending yourself against an attacker. There are no referees going to blow a whistle or call a timeout, you don’t get any do overs or get to hit a reset button. *(Obviously you need to know the law in your area when it comes to use of a weapon or lethal force, and we are not attorney’s, but I would rather be tried by 12 then carried by six).
When it comes to Self Defense – There are 3 Keys
(1) MINDSET: you must be able to have the right mindset, to be able to “go there” and exercise an opposing force of violence to disable your attacker and then get away.
(2) TOOLS: you must have the right tools at your disposal, such as a firearm or other improvised weapon(s). A Safe Room with Life Saving tools is recommended.
(3) TRAINING: Whether it’s Hand to Hand techniques without a weapon or against weapons, or deploying your handgun, shotgun, or rifle … All of those things are “perishable skills” and need to be honed on a regular basis.
To that end, OnGuard Security Solutions has partnered with a network of trainers and professional training organizations such as Commando Krav Maga & Others at the highest level to bring our clients a COMPLIMENTARY HOME INVASION TRAINING COURSE every (2) months for your entire household … OR … for our commercial clients, a COMPLIMENTARY Safety & Security Audit and Light work place violence Scenario Training. Additional In Depth Classes & Training are available & OnGuard Clients will receive discounts off additional training if desired.
TEST YOURSELF: I have a PLAN & PRACTICE regularly to Defend my life &/or property. I have a Safe Room & Self Defense training against Various Weapons & Attackers. I have Weapons & I know how to safely & legally deploy if needed. My Lawyer is on speed dial.
5 – CAPTURE  –  Whether it’s VIDEO EVIDENCE to assist and aid the police or your cooperation with them, Once Captured, the bad guys will need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Having clear high resolution images and video of the criminals in the act will help ensure that once captured, they won’t get away with it and hopefully never do that again.
TEST YOURSELF: I have a high quality Video Surveillance system that will capture even when I am not home. I will utilize & cooperate with my local police & prosecutor. I am even willing to Hire a private Investigator. I may also have a VIDEO ALARM system which is monitored by a 3rd Party company who may also dispatch law enforcement if unauthorized activity is detected.  Am I sure that my system meets the Standards for “Eye Witness Account” image quality as stated by the Courts of Law?  All of OnGuard Security Solutions Camera & Surveillance Systems do.
6 – RESTORE  –  There are many different kinds of impact that a Safety & / or Security incident can bring, make sure you have the plan and the resources to deal with the following areas.
  • The loss or damage of property
  • The Loss of Ability to Work for short or long periods of time (savings & / or Disability Insurance).
  • The Loss of a Life (Life Insurance, Will, Trust, Burial Plans
  • The Psychological, Physiological, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical impacts that may come immediately or Post Traumatic Stress. Make Sure you have a Pastor, Counsellor, Insurance Agent, Attorney & Contractor available that can help you Restore Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, & Spiritually.
TEST YOURSELF: I have adequate Home & Auto Insurance, I have Legal Shield and Identity Theft Protection of some kind. I have an Attorney & Private Investigator handy. I have Pictures and Serial Numbers documented as a Home Inventory of my possessions. I have a Pastor / Counselor &/or Employee Assistance Program that will help me get through the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical effects after an incident that has threatened or taken my safety, security, &/or peace of mind.
7 – FINANCIAL  –  The Full financial impact of an incident may not be fully known until way after the time has come and gone. There are multiple things you can do to protect yourself financially against loss.
Those losses may come as a result of injury, loss of work, loss of possessions, loss of savings or identity. Having proper plans and professionals in place to prevent & restore you after an incident occurs will be invaluable. Don’t wait until after an incident happens to discover things you could have done or planned better, start today by building your Security Team.
TEST YOURSELF: I have Identity Theft protection, Adequate Life & Disability Insurance, Banking Relationships &/or Legal Shield of some kind. I have Home & Auto Insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Accident &/or Health Insurance. I have a Trustworthy Attorney that I know will be aggressive on my behalf.
HOW DID YOU DO? — (Download this 7 Point Test in PDF Form by CLICKING HERE to Print and Use) … Use the back page to score yourself.  CONTACT US TODAY if you would like more information or some help in beefing up your security at home or at your office.
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WTHR-TV’s Scott Swan reporting on Home Security Solutions featuring OnGuard Security Solutions & Clients stories about how they are combating the rise in crime in their communities. Find out more about Door Devil Anti-Kick Systems, Doorbell Camera’s such as SkyBell, Home Alarms, Security & Surveillance Cameras, ZWave Light and Home Automation technology that will help you Deter, Detect, Alert & Defend against crime and ultimately Capture & Restore Physically & Financially from an event.
We also found this wonderful article online that interviews 86 Burglars on how they broke into homes, you might want to take a look by CLICKING HERE to read the article and compare their statements with the offerings we have on the links below.
How did we do? How Do You think You are doing? Security is only as strong as it’s weakest link.
To Take the OnGuard Security Solutions 7 Points of Security Test CLICK HERE for a great resource and FREE DOWNLOAD that you can use. Then watch the FULL REPORT BELOW
CONTACT US TODAY if you would like more information or some help in beefing up your security at home or at your office.
How did we do? How Do You think You are doing? Security is only as strong as it’s weakest link.
To Take the OnGuard Security Solutions 7 Points of Security Test CLICK HERE for a great resource and FREE DOWNLOAD that you can use.
CONTACT US TODAY if you would like more information or some help in beefing up your security at home or at your office.

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