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At OnGuard Security Solutions we use our own products, One of our lead tech’s who home garages captured the accident of a pregnant woman who had a contraction while driving, thus slamming into a parked car and sending it flying into our Tech’s work Van.  Fortunately no one was injured in this accident, but it just goes to show that having Good Surveillance is used for more than just catching burglars or your neighbors dog using your lawn.
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OnGuard Security Solutions will be staffing and holding a GuardianKids ID Event at the Fishers Safety Day on September 10th from 10am-2pm at 13860 Olio Rd, Fishers IN 46037 at the St. Vicents of Fishers Campus (NE corner of I-69 and 238/Olio Rd).
Without charge OnGuard / Guardian will be providing FREE bio-docs that will add authorities in finding children God forbid they should be missing and an ‘amber’ alert is issued.
This is a fun, family filled event with lot of children friend activities.
Please join us. Here is some additional info.
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OnGuard Security Solutions is pleased to announce we have taken a large stride in becoming a complete security provider in our mission of providing ‘professional protection of people and property’ by partnering with ID Shield / LegalShield. Their customer service, connection to Kroll (leading company in the space) and large footprint are important factors in our decision.
ID theft and data breaches are becoming all too regular. Watch this 3 min video to see WHY this product is superior to LifeLock and others in the market at a fair, affordable price point.
We protect your info and restore it when necessary. That is the difference. The restoration done by a trained investigator and not YOU.
Contact us today to learn more. Info is fast, free and easy.
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WRTV Indianapolis recently ran a media story regarding how simple it was to hack a Simplisafe Security System, ADT, and others.  You can watch it here:
OnGuard employs several wireless system that make this extremely difficult if in impossible included anti-jamming, jamming detection and agile frequency bi-directional transmission.  So that system is able to detect if another signal is on the specific frequency and shall automatically adjust to avoid the possible conflict. Better systems also include encryption. One terrific example is the DSC Neo.
I totally agree with the article in that, like a good investment portfolio, so goes a good security system that includes alarm, video, locks, lighting, ectc.
If you have security system interest and questions, don’t hesitate to contact myself directly.
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OnGuard is pleased to share some recent accolades and badges we have earned in the Security Systems Indianapolis arena for Home Advisors.
We will continue to work hard and strive to put our best foot forward on on each and every job.
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In today’s business reviews are extremely important. At OnGuard we strive to meet and hopefully exceed our client’s expectations each and every time.
If we come up short, you have my commitment as the owner not only do what is fair and reasonable but go that extra mile.
If you have had the opportunity to work with by having us install a Guardian Protection Home Security System, Video Surveillance System, Commercial Security System or Access Control System, please do us a huge favor and leave a review for us.
If you take the time to leave a review on three of these sites, we will gladly credit your account with $ 25 of OnGuard cash to be used on our next service. If you can’t leave us a positive review, please give us a chance to fix it.
Your patronage is much appreciated!
Kirk Booher, Owner and Founder
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OnGuard is pleased to announce two new additions to our expanding product line. The expansion and convenience of apps is in high demand. We have you covered.
ViP Professional Door and Gate Entry System by Comelit   
You may find this system is right for you. Here is one for the ViP app. One of the solid benefits of the Vip is the free app and online access to the system. People really like the attractive, full feature monitors with video, audio to see and hear at the door(s) plus they serve as all call intercoms inside the home or office. They can also unlock and release doors with the  proper hardware and locks. The system are applicable for a single family home, apartments, condos, schools, churches and offices. From 1 unit to 1,000’s.
And very popular is the app to keep tabs on it all…no matter where you are via the handy app pictured below. Be in the know…anywhere.
Click 8501HIM Comelit to view a datasheet for a starter kit and see this video about the app here. Door Entry System
Another solution, without having an inside speaker and not as tough but costs less the units. One of the primary differences between the Comelit ViP and is that is totally app based and intergration to other devices is limited. Here is more on it. Door Speaker wireless stick-up camera
OnGuard professionally installs, programs and connect to your internet for no hassles on your end. We will professional consult and assist you so you can have ‘no worries….we are OnGuard’.
Contact OnGuard for a free no obligation phone or on-site assessment and estimate.
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Check out this punk kid messing with one of our vehicles. Word is out. This incident is of little concern but often times criminals start small and work their way up the ladder.
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John Cannon had his garage secured by OnGuard Security by covering all his bay doors, pedestrian doors, motion sensors, running We also installed external and interior video camera set up for local recording and remote viewing. Plus a few additional surprises. John is an avid networker and member of Gold Star networking group. He recently open up a mechanic shop near 465 and Allisonville in Indianapolis, just about 5 miles south of OnGuard’s Fisher’s office.
OnGuard routinely uses MyCarDoc for maintenance and light repair work. His professionalism and communication is always good. Bob Trimmer, OnGuard Security Consultant, was able to work directly with John to see he was well satisfied and obtained this testimonial. Good work Bob and team.
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OnGuard was able to install 2gig Small Business Security System for Mr and Mrs Ott of Franklin,  and IN. The system covers doors, motion and more with a color touchscreen, lots of bells and whistles, powered by and monitoring by Guardian Protection Services. Bob Trimmer ensured this customer is happy and was able to record this brief video.

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