DVR / NVR Off-line with Dahua video app for remote viewing of video


Any suggestions on getting the offsite cameras back up? I rely on them during the night for peace of mind or in the event of an alarm. Thank you


I am sorry you are having that issue

Your DVR is most likely:

*Powered off
*Lost its internet connection

If internet, that could be due to:
*Internet off
*Internet settings changed in the router
*Or could be something wrong with the connection server which I is least likely

My suggestions would be to reboot / power on/off both the security DVR and internet box and see if that fixes it.

If not, we probably need to roll a tech for a std service call if the reboot doesn’t cure it.

You can reply here or call the office Monday.

We have Emergency OnCall Service available at 1.5-2.0x the standard rates.


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