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Fire alarm systems are one of the most important components for maintaining safety within any premises. According to firefighters, there is an estimated 140,000 cases of building fire incidents. Protecting your employees and your property from the risk of fire must be one of your top priorities. It is just not important for you, but it is the law. Ensuring that you have a well-functioning fire alarm system is the right way to safeguard the lives of your employees and also maintain the safety of your premises.

If you are also looking for some business commercial fire alarm installation service, you need to know more about different kinds of fire alarm systems. Read on to know more about different kinds of commercial life safety fire alarm systems and find the right type for your building.

Different Types of Commercial Fire Alarm System

  • Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are one of the most widely used fire alarm systems and more importantly, it is the most fundamental component of any fire alarm system. As you can understand from the name, its primary function is to detect the release of smoke and alert everyone in the building about the presence of smoke so that they can empty the building as early as they can. Advanced smoke detectors have photoelectric sensors to detect smoke particles and provide maximum protection against fire.

  • CO detectors

Carbon monoxide is generally released into the air whenever fuel is not burnt out completely. So, the buildings where they use a water heater are at a risk for CO poisoning. Inhaling CO is quite dangerous and can even cause death. There are over 15,000 people who rush into the emergency rooms because of inhaling CO. That’s why businesses must install this system. CO detectors have electrochemical sensors that sense the presence of CO in the air and send a signal to alert the fire alarm control panel at the very moment. With a reliable CO detector system, you can rest assured that there is no presence of CO inside your building.

  • Hand pull stations

Hand pull stations are super easy to recognize and can function as easily as you imagine from the name. Whether it is a fire or any other emergency, anyone can pull the handle down on the device to send the alarm signal to the fire panel. Then they activate the strobes and sirens. Moreover, it is a better solution for fire detection than smoke detectors. It is because it takes some time for smoke detectors to detect the smoke. However, a hand pull system only takes a few seconds to activate once someone pulls the trigger. Also, these alarm systems come in different shapes and sizes so that people can get what they need. So, if this addressable fire alarm system suits your needs, then you can go with this system.

  • Temperature sensors

As you can understand by the name, the temperature sensors have a super-advanced capacity to sense the temperature of a place. With the temperature setting feature on the sensors, you can receive a  signal for high or low temperatures. This means you will get to know when the temperature falls or rises beyond a certain level. These types of alarm systems are important for IT rooms or freezers as these places need to maintain a low temperature. Other than that, these special sensors are used in kitchens when the smoke detector systems do not work. Also, they are effective in detecting fires that do not release much smoke and are difficult to sense.

Why You Should Choose WeAreOnGuard?

WeAreOnGuard is one of the leading companies that offer quality life safety fire alarm systems. Here, we understand how important it is to have a well-functioning commercial life safety fire alarm system to maintain safety inside a building. At WeAreOnGuard, we work with our clients and the local authorities to come up with an effective, comprehensive, and customizable life safety solution to safeguard both lives and properties, and minimize the losses. That’s the reason why we offer several kinds of addressable fire alarm systems. You can get whichever suits your needs the best. We can guarantee that all our commercial life safety fire alarm systems are of top-class quality and highly durable.

Once you install them, you no longer have to worry about a sudden outbreak of fire because of any cause. So, if you want to install a commercial fire alarm system, you can think of reaching out to us and getting our business commercial fire alarm installation service. Hopefully, now, you will be able to find the fire alarm system that suits your needs the best. Also, if you are confused about which addressable fire alarm system you should choose, we can help you. Our in-house professional fire experts will guide you to make the right choice. So, no matter what kind of commercial life safety fire alarm system you are looking for, come and get in touch with us today!