Fire Smoke Heat Alarm

If you think all smoke, heat and fire detectors are the same, you must watch the video below.
Not only do smoke detectors come in two types, you should also know that heat and freeze detectors exist as well. Learn the options from OnGuard Security Solutions.
Fire Smoke Heat Detection: When it comes to fire, smoke and heat detection you need to make the right choice. And the best choice for most situations is with photoelectric smoke detectors.
These detectors are the most adept detectors for detecting a smoldering fire in your home with large particles. They also detect heat, and the newer units also detect freeze, so triple protection with smoke, heat and freeze detectors is available from OnGuard Security Solutions.
For areas where there is high risk for fire where you don’t want a smoke detector, we recommend heat sensors. Heat sensors are not prone to false alarms as smoke detectors, yet they give you the necessary property protection. We recommend heat detectors. And of course they are monitored 24 hours a day with OnGuard Security Solutions and Guardian Protection Services.