Dahua Remote View

Dahua remote viewing app is simple and does not require Port Forwarding of routers which greatly simplifies remote viewing. Further, it is a direct outbound connection from the NVR / DVR to the mobile device and does NOT route thru a remote server in a distant land like many others. 
OnGuard includes unlimited support of this service and all aspects of Video Surveillance within our Silver and Gold Support plans. 
How to Access System Using P2P via Mobile Application
View your recorder and cameras on the go. With Dahua's mobile application IDMSS(IOS)/GDMSS(Android) allows you to add Dahua recorders and cameras to the mobile app using P2P.
  • Smartphone (IOS device or Android)
  • IDMSS/GDMSS already downloaded in your mobile device.
  • P2P must be turned on from the recorder and connected to a network with internet access. This is normally done by OnGuard's installer when Remote View Service is ordered part of the install. 
Step by Step Instructions IDMSS/GDMSS version 4.20.000
1. Select the Menu Icon
2. Select "Device Manager"
3. Select the Add Icon
4. Select "Camera"
5. Select "Wired Device"
6. Select "P2P"
7. Input Info and select "Start Live Preview"
Enter this information into the app
Name: (nickname, the name or description of the place, use whatever you want)
SN (serial number, you can either scan the QRcode or type the SN manually)
Port (will auto populate after entering the SN)
Username (Username of the recorder's account)
Password (Password for that Username)
Live Preview (Extra=Substream, MAIN= Mainstream) Substream requiires less bandwidth, use when the upload or download is slow or you just want a quick look.
Playback (Extra=Substream, MAIN= Mainstream) Mainstream video uses the most bandwidth and provides the clearest picture with most detail.
Here is a brief video on setting it up. The instructions for GDMSS (Android is the same)
To access specific instructions on how to set-up mobile remote view, click this link

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