#1. Flat Rate

  • Price based on clearly defined simple scope of work 


#2. Time and Materials (T&M)

  • $ Per hour/Actual Time on the job by certified Electronic Security Technician Level 1 or higher.
  • + Trip fee (travel time, gas, vehicle, scheduling, etc)

Any materials required but not supplied by customers are to be billed additional at normal rates.

1 hr minimum. Billed for actual time used to the minute with our Smart Labor tracking.


#3. Fixed Bid

  • $ Fee for site survey design & quote fee which you then able to shop apples / apples if you wish (Sometimes waived on larger jobs
  • Fixed Quote Price for labor.

Client provided with fixed price not to exceed for defined Scope of Work

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NOTE: We primary subcontract our services to commercial clients. We occasionally assist our existing executive or custom residential clients where as quality is the focus vs low cost. We find we can deliver the truest value in turkey solutions where as we provide the whole package of design, parts and labor.