Interlogix TruPortal & TruVision MAJOR issues

My reply to a customer who is having issues with their TruPortal access system.

Dear Steve,

Unfortunately, Adobe Flash is NO LONGER working on any of the browsers. TruPortal uses Flash to work, thus the problem.

Also, UTC corp closed Interlogix who makes TruPortal and TruVisoin without any tech support or updates as of 12/31/20 🙁 Crazy, UTC bought Interlogix from GE in 2010 for 1 BILLION and they just took the company around back and shot it dead. Didn’t even try and sell it.

You can either do one of the 3 things as workarounds (or possibles)

1) Download the IPad app and it gives most of the functionality but not all. Obviously requires and iPad.

2) Set your computer date back in time, prior to 2021, uninstall and reinstall the browser (maybe dedicate a laptop for this)…kind of a pain but should work.

3) Have us upgrade the system to which is super sweet. We can used everything except the Controllers (brains of the access system). It is a very nice, simple cloud based system but would cost some $$$$. Probably about $ 1,000 + / – per door and $ 14 mo ea for the service

Let me know if you want to entertain an estimate to replace it, now or later.

Kirk Booher, Onguards.

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