Security System Summary Videos

Access Control

Access Control Systems allow you to decide who comes and goes to and from your home or business.
Access Control means you have control over the right person having access to the right place at the right time, and having a record of it, if you wish.
Access Control is about knowing who is coming in and who is coming out of your property. Usual component of any Access Control System is electronics locks engaged by keypads, touchless key fobs, card readers, fingerprint scanners, voice, iris and face recognition tools. This is basically going to allow you to grant entry and exit permissions by time of day. So, as the owner, perhaps your access is 24 hours. Maybe the maid or the cleaning service only works on Tuesday mornings.
The bottom line is you are in control you of who comes in and out of your premise with smart Access Control Systems by OnGuard Security Solutions.
Have no worries We Are OnGuard.

Alarm Monitoring Connections

How should my alarm system connect to the monitoring station?
Landline, broadband Internet, or cellular are the three ways your alarm system connects to the monitoring station. Which way is best? Should there be a backup connection?
There are three types of monitoring connections widely available in the industry: No.1 the tried and true phone land line, No.2 is cellular and No.3 is cable/DSL internet.
For the optimum protection and response we recommend redundant communications of 2 out of 3. However, the most popular today is cellular. Cellular transmits digital signal and is fast, accurate and fully supervised.
Many people are dropping land lines; many alarm companies are trying to connect the land line phone to a Voice Over IP. It’s taking in analog technology and shoving it in to a digital platform. Not a preferred application but we are working a pinch. Although I do need to make a disclaimer, most of your cable operators do not recommend that you connect an analog alarm to Voice Over IP so there’s something to be aware of.
However internet communication is fast and accurate so we do rely on multiple operators to provide good quality internet service and so we use cellular data connections and wired internet.
OnGuard Security Solutions specializes in security. We will design the best connectivity solution that fits your needs and budget. So have no worries, we are OnGuard.  

Alarm System Keypads and Control Pads

The alarm system keypad is the heart of the security system. 
There’s no need to settle for just a basic keypad. You have a choice. Today’s keypads offer a wide range of features.
There are 6 things you should consider when choosing your security system keypad.
The 1st and the most important thing is the display. And thankfully there are lot of really nice color touchscreen displays available, to make system easy to operate. Get the information that you need such as the status of the system, function – whether it’s armed or disarmed it comes with the date. Weather – there are severe weather alerts all built into the keypad.
2nd, Ease of use. Whether we can properly and easily use the system includes more than volume adjustment, brightness control and the intuitive setup interface so the security system meets your particular needs.
3rd, Emergency Panic button. If there is an emergency, you should be able to get to the Panic button quickly. So we have police, fire and medical emergency Panic buttons built into the security system control pads. Push the Panic button and a loud siren triggers, and the monitoring station meanly notify to call the authorities. With the system there is also built in voice siren so that when the alarm does trip, you are going to hear exactly where the alarm is coming from.
4th, Two-way Voice. As the Guardian Protection Service authorized dealer an enhancer we provide a two way voice option. So with two way voice when the alarm activates the central station can actually speak to you through the keypad, hear what’s going on and make an informed decision. The bottom line — the better communications enable us to serve you better.
5th, Video. Modern security systems very easily add wireless or wired video that you can display right through mobile app.
6th, Aesthetics. It looks nice, when it looks nice, you are going to be more inclined to use security system pad and show it off.  

Fire Smoke Heat Alarm

If you think all smoke, heat and fire detectors are the same, you must watch the video below.
Not only do smoke detectors come in two types, you should also know that heat and freeze detectors exist as well. Learn the options from OnGuard Security Solutions.
Fire Smoke Heat Detection: When it comes to fire, smoke and heat detection you need to make the right choice. And the best choice for most situations is with photoelectric smoke detectors.
These detectors are the most adept detectors for detecting a smoldering fire in your home with large particles. They also detect heat, and the newer units also detect freeze, so triple protection with smoke, heat and freeze detectors is available from OnGuard Security Solutions.
For areas where there is high risk for fire where you don’t want a smoke detector, we recommend heat sensors. Heat sensors are not prone to false alarms as smoke detectors, yet they give you the necessary property protection. We recommend heat detectors. And of course they are monitored 24 hours a day with OnGuard Security Solutions and Guardian Protection Services.


I have pets. Will their motion set off my alarm system? How is this handled?
Motion detectors certainly have their place in a security system installation. But their place should not be in every place!
Motion Sensors are one of the most overly sold products in the industry. What I mean by that is, with a motion sensor, for it to trip, that means they are already in the house.
That’s where the primary protection comes into play when intruders are already in the house. We would like to keep them out of the house.
The nice thing about motion sensors is that you get a lot of coverage out of one device. So they are very efficient, again they work best when you are away from home. So if that’s your primary security concern, motion sensors are a good alternative.
Now one thing to keep in mind with motion sensors, are pets or animals so that the typical motion sensors, wireless ones, can ignore a small animal up to 40 pounds when adjusted properly. That’s why you need to call on the professionals from OnGuard Security Solutions to install and setup motion sensors properly.
Have no worries, we are OnGuard.  

Security System Activation

You might need an existing security system activated right away. You came to the right place.
No matter what brand your existing security system is, call OnGuard or fill out the form below to get your system activated.

Security System Activation

Quick Activation – Do you have an existing alarm system you just want it to get turned on? We can help you with that. We just need to know the type, brand, who installed, the approximate age and when you are available. So take a moment to fill the form down below and we’ll get you set up for quick activation.
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Security System Installation

The fastest way to schedule a security system installation.
We realize that sometimes there are reasons why the most important issue is getting a security system going right away. That’s when we are OnGuard.

Security System Installation

Quick Installation – You have an emergency, do you need a security system put in quickly before you move in? Recent incident? Whatever your need may be, we are here to serve quickly and efficiently. All we need to know is the location and your avalability. Let us know if you need the same day, next day alarm or security camera installation, we are here for you.
Have no worries, We Are OnGuard.
This convenient online form below streamlines the process of getting information to get your quick installation quote back to you as soon as possible. By filling out the accompanying form on this page, we will give your quick installation request a high priority to attempt a response within 24 hours or less (not including weekends and holidays). We have designed the form to take 3 minutes or less to fill out. So fill out the form on this page today to get your quick installation security system quote on its way.

Security System Monitoring

The one thing that can save life and property is the company that responds to your emergency.
It’s in the news. An assault occurs. Or perhaps a fire or break-in. The alarm system goes off and works perfectly, but the monitoring company was too slow to respond. Don’t let this happen to you.  

Security System Monitoring

All monitoring services are not equal. As a Guardian Protection authorized dealer you can count on the fact that we have the fastest, quickest response available. One reason why is they work as a team of operators, when the signal comes in, they are working that signal as a team. One person is doing this, one person is doing that, and it always results in a fast response with Guardian Protection Services. The facility is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed Central Station. Independent engineers do regular audits. There is also redundant communications system — two independent main trunk lines that come in. There are also redundant power generators, if there is power failure we are going to be online and up to snuff and make sure you are protected.
So have no worries, we are OnGuard.


OnGuard can repair your existing Security System.
While most security system companies just want to sell you a new system, OnGuard Security Solutions is one of the rare companies you can call on to repair your existing system.

Security System Repair

Security System repair – perhaps you have an older system that just needs a “band-aid” over it. Maybe you are not ready to invest in a brand new technology, you are happy what you have, you can call OnGuard Security Solutions. Our Security Systems Technicians and Architects have the experience and it’s their desire to not necessarily replace something if it can be fixed. We work with all brands of systems — all the major brands that is, including Honeywell, DSC, Interlogix, GE, ADT, 2GiG, and a host of others. So if you have a security system that needs a repair, you can count on us. We are prompt, courteous, we give a written estimate, and we will fix your system in a timely and responsible way.
Have no worries, We Are OnGuard.   

Security System Upgrade

OnGuard Security Solutions can bring your existing security system up to date.
Add smartphone control, monitoring and automation to an existing system. Upgrade your security cameras. Expand your system into the new building project. OnGuard is ready to help.

Security System Upgrade

Security System Upgrade – perhaps you have an existing system it’s been there for a while. Maybe you are using it maybe you are not. Nice thing is that we can come out and do free, no obligation evaluation for you and at that point give you an assessment. May be we can just replace the key pad and the brain of the system. And Viola! You have a brand new system with smartphone automation, wireless technology, you no longer need a landline phone anymore, because it’s all connected via wireless or wired Internet for redundant and failsafe communications.

We Install Video Surveillance Security Cameras

We also install video surveillance cameras. Maybe you have an existing video surveillance camera recording at a lower resolution. We can up the ante, up and up the resolution so that we can get that picture you expect from facial recognition, to picking up a license plate.  With OnGuard Security Solutions you get what you need for proper coverage.
So have no worries, we are OnGuard.

Smartphone Automation

Your entire Security System accessed and controlled from the palm of your hand. That’s smartphone automation.
Smartphone automation can give you unprecedented peace of mind, from the ability to check on loved ones safely arriving home, to saving energy, to keeping an eye on your assets, and more.

Security System Smartphone Automation

Smartphone Automation is the greatest inventions that’s ever hit security industry. The reason why, is that it empowers you. The benefit of smartphone automation is we have compiled the top apps, Total Connect, and others, so that puts you in control. So from tablet you are able to be aware of what’s happening at your home or your office.

Remote Arming and Disarming

At a quick glance we can easily see if the security system is armed or disarmed, you can set up to receive notifications if there is an alarm; a certain person comes in or out of the premise. If there is an emergency, power failure, you know about it! Smartphone automation. Also they are on your favorite Android, iOS, so through that if there is an emergency you are going to know about it right away and be informed.

Remote Locks Control

Furthermore, with smartphone automation, we are able to control locks. It’s an awesome security function where we can integrate the security system alarm function with the security system lock function. Together, they’re in all one tight app, so if you need to remotely lock or unlock a door, check the status of the door… Also, when you assign a user code for the alarm, the user code of the lock is integrated.  

Remote Lighting Control

Other great applications for smart phone automation, includes lighting.  We firmly believe in “A-L-L”  Alarm-Locks-Lighting. Those three elements give you excellent protection for your home or business.  Lighting can be integrated so when a door opens, motion is detected, an alarm, simply by time of day, random mode, whenever lights are automated.  Because burglars like to operate under cover of darkness.  

Remote Garage Doors Operation

Another great automation function are garage doors. Did you know that garage doors nowadays are the most common places of entry in America’s homes? We can easily integrate the overhead garage door opener into the system. Have you ever gone to bed and woke up in the morning to find your garage door open? I have. And it’s not a comfortable feeling. So, the neat thing is, that at nine o’clock at night, your door is standing open, you’re going to get a message-text or an email, prompting you to go close that door.  So you’re not unprotected for a whole night. That’s smart phone automation.

Remote Thermostat Control

Lastly, as far as convenience, and saving money, we all like to save money, is the thermostat operation. The alarm system knows whether you’re home or away. When you go away, you turn your alarm on, it automatically sets back the thermostat, or sets up or goes higher if it’s in the summer.  If you’ve got a vacation home, or are traveling, you can lower that temperature down in the winter time to 50 degrees in order to save money, then when you get on the airplane to come back, simply open up your app, turn up the temperature, and you’ll be warm and cozy when you’re home.  

Temperature Sensor Awareness

Another great function build into the app is temperature sensor awareness. If there’s a fire, it’s automatically going to turn off the fan so it doesn’t blow smoke around the house. So it’s a great safety function, as well.
And that’s why you have no worries, We Are OnGuard.

Smoke Detectors

You could have the wrong type of smoke detector in your home. Most people do!
It’s time to get the facts on photoelectric vs ionization smoke detectors. It just might save your life!

Proper Smoke Detectors

Did you know that smoke detectors have different characteristics? The photoelectric and ionization, most people have ionization detectors. Sometimes they simply do not work. In the end the fire marshal does recommend you have both types of detectors, photoelectric and ionization. Together they work best.
Just take a couple of minutes to watch this video right beneath here and you can see for yourself.