We appreciate your being OnGuard. 

To deliver the best service, please use the following contact information:

MONITORING STATION (Dynamark)- alarms, put systems on a test (pause monitoring)

Phone: 855.699.6492 or 317.572.5777 x40

You can also Pause monitoring via the alarm.com app if that app is enabled & available.

SERVICE – operational issues, technical, repairs, inspections, etc

Email: service@onguardssc.com

Phone: 317.572.5777 x2 (M-F,8-5) or Emergency billable at 1.5x unless platinum support  x8

Online: support info

FINANCIAL – Paying invoices, changing payment methods, financial questions

Email: admin@onguardssc.com

Phone: 317.572.5777 x3 (M-F,8-5)

Online: change payment

Online: 1-time payment (see link on the invoice) if NA you can pay here

SALES – add-ons, new systems, referrals, etc.

Email: sales@onguardssc.com

Phone: 317.572.5777 x1

Website: WeAreOnGuard.com