OnGuard to the rescue

We took over an account today from a local ‘competitor’. After two successful undetected break-ins the owner got ‘chippy’ with his (former) client, who actually called to complain that after yesterday’s service call had another issue. The owner got upset and actually disconnected the clients alarm immediately after they called to cancel (always best to call after new svc is on). Talk about rude especially considering the owner of the shop seemed very reasonable (well, most all do during the dating / honeymoon period). Anyhow, we got the call at noon, went on site, wrote it up and all squared away by 5pm.

What’s also sad is the service tech from his former company was dissing the install, which was warranted but unprofessional, even if true.

Never trash the tech who came before you, especially when you are on the same team. It doesn’t make anyone look good and the customer to feel well.

I just had to share this picture. The sales man upsold and/or the installer’s name is Pete Repete.

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