OnGuard travels to the ISC (International Security Conference) in Las Vegas.

Amazing view up above the clouds by SW.

Part of our OnGuard team travelled to Las Vegas to the International Security Conference this past week. It was great to see the expo back and many vendors, partners and suppliers participating.

Las Vegas is unique for sure.

Yes, it’s important to learn and stay abreast of the latest in security technology. It’s also important to deepen and renew existing relationships and form new ones. For me, that’s really the best part of the show. Yes, relationships still matter and always will for none of us are an island into ourselves. With the other ever increasing flood of great tech, we very much need to work as a team to fulfill our customers needs the best way possible.

Riding to the show from the airport. Thanks Andrew for the ride!
Great grub at Lawry’s Prime Rib. If you go home hungry from here, it’s your own fault for sure.
Thanks for treating PDK and Paul.

After the show, we had an opportunity to take a hike up into Red Rock Canyon.

It was a semi- hard to moderately difficult hike. A few takeaways are that’s it’s safer and helpful to see explore with a trusty team. It’s critical to watch your step and keep leverage. Solid rocks make for a firm foundation. Dirt and dust is cause slippage would could lead to great pain and death. There is always someone doing things at a higher level and that’s an opportunity to have respect, awe and learn. If you want to travel safest, go with a group. If you want to travel fastest, go small. Communication is critical. Be prepared; good shoes, water and sunscreen. If your first plan doesn’t work out, improvise. Be creative in finding solutions. Sometimes you need to go down to rise up.

Up, up and away!

It’s was a good long hike up! Thankfully we all had a good time and made it home safely.

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