Our reputation is our future…

Professional Protection

From the founder…

We are worked really hard these past 12 plus years to assemble a team of soldiers to carry out the mission of providing:

Professional Protection
People & Property

OnGuard’s Purpose Statement

When Michael Bourdeau, OnGuard Operations Leader, shared this statement:

Our reputation
is our future.

OnGuard Motto

I knew it was a keeper.

This quote from George Washington has been on my wall from day one.

Associate with men of good quality,
if you esteem your reputation.
For it is better to be alone than in
bad company.

George Washington

I subscribe to it’s sentiment wholeheartedly. It’s best to be on a solid TEAM and I am grateful that we do for Together Everyone Achieves More.

These are mere words but when assembled with the the right action and attitude, good stuff happens.

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