He started in his father’s business

Experience & Dedication Matter

While yet in high school in 1983, Kirk Booher was pulling wire as an installer’s assistant in his father’s company. He fondly recalls visiting American Alarm central station on Delaware Street in Indianapolis back in the ’70s where his father was General Manager from 1970-1980. Upon being acquired by Honeywell, Kenneth Booher started Hoosier Alarm in 1980. His father was a tireless salesman and saw him as the ‘king of networking’. Almost everywhere we went, he seemed to know someone. He knew the owner, a manager, the waitress or a customer. “He taught me a lot about the value of hard work, doing a job right, and not quitting until it’s done.” recounts Kirk. I held several jobs n school delivering newspapers, cleaning pools, cutting grass and working at Hoosier Alarm. Upon graduation from High School, Booher enlisted in the U.S. Navy.
Following his military service in the U.S. Navy as an Interior Communication Electrician, Kirk rejoined Hoosier alarm company as a technician. After one fretful event of stepping through a ceiling, he thought sales might suit him better. His father thought otherwise. Kirk wasn’t dissuaded to enter sales and to a classified sales ad. At Executive Fund / Penn Corp insurance he sold ‘Safe Drivers’ door to door insurance for two years. He says, “It was tough sledding but the training and growth was valuable”. He learned determination and began reading helpful books by the likes of Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy and others. “I still remember my first motivation book and its terrific title, “All you can do is all you can do but all you can do is enough” by AL Williams. “I wasn’t very successful

OnGuard Security Solutions is launched.

While at Guardian, he had learned of their dealer program. It perplexed him that his father sold his company as a surprise. His great-uncle, Emerson Booher, had also founded an alarm company, Dayton Electronics. His father got his start in alarms and worked for Emerson back in the 1950s. “I always appreciated what Emerson did. I thought of him as my grandfather since I only met my father’s father once.” He set the stage for our Booher alarm heritage.

With about 25 years experience behind him, and kindling entrepreneurial drive, Kirk was feeling the call to start his own security company. Selling on straight commission for years had conditioned him for business ownership. Based on the integrity of biblical Christian principles, his families heritage, and years of security consulting, he began this new adventure. “My wife said she would support me and with a $ 5,000 investment, I launched OnGuard Security Solutions in February of 2010”, Kirk recalls.

Professional Protection of People and Property

OnGuard’s mission statement, ‘Professional Protection of People and Property’ is at the heart of the company. We strive every day to keep up on the latest technology, the most effective protection and safety techniques all while leaning into providing a good and fair value to Hoosiers. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. That is where we can help because Kirk’s grandmother’s words echo in his ear today, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. 
Contact OnGuard Security Solutions today. Today! Today because it’s better to have it an not need it than need and not have it. It’s sure better to have a security system on duty one year too early than just one day too late. We always preach the 5 P’s (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance).  Our equipment and service must be reliable. We will never be perfect but we will always learn from our mistakes and strive our best to make it a learning experience and to make us better. Kirk set about building relationships and making house calls. We are not a high pressure selling the company but a high education company. Knowledge is power…when applied. OnGuard clients get the best of both worlds 1) the comfort and personal attention of a privately owned security company and 2) world-class partners who make the products, apps, technology and monitoring services. Our team is waiting to serve you! We are like your local independent insurance company and helpful hardware store. My team and I will get you on the leading edge of security tech and keep you away from the bleeding edge.

No worries….we are OnGuard