OnGuard strives to consistently provide true value to our clients with a custom proven design, quality parts, and installed professionally by experienced technicians. 

We are constantly working to maximize these three elements in our pricing matrix.

OnGuard is happy to provide itemized estimates upon request. We typically quote jobs as s fixed price based on a pre-defined Scope of Work.

It has been rightly said that a service company can provide its client’s at most

2 of the 3 of the following:




With that said, we believe:

OnGuard Value = Professional Labor + Quality Equipment + Fair Pricing

There is hardly anything worse than getting a false sense of protection. No one wants to overpay and get underserviced. Yet is worse to under pay and the item you purchased is incapable of performing its intended function and purpose. 

There is a lot of wisdom we can draw from John Ruskin regarding pricing, cost and quality.
















There are many ways to design a security system. We strive to recommend and implement the best solution at the best price. This requires knowledge, experience and listening well. 

The bottom line is your, our customer’s perception, the ultimate judge of true value and you vote with your hard earned dollars.