Referrals are the heartbeat of every good service business.
To express our gratitude in a tangible way, OnGuard has created this program as advertising is expensive and nothing beats ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.

Referral Program

Qualifier: An existing client who refers a friend, relative, co-worker or neighbor to us and they have new security service activated or a new system installed. The new client needs to mention the referring person prior to consummation of the sale. The referring client is encouraged to call OnGuard with contact details or fill out:
Or if brought to our attention prior to initial sales appointment with the referree.
Win / Win / Win: The new client shall have their choice of any free device installed up to a $ 200 value or $100 worth of monitoring or labor only. The referring client will also receive a credit for the same.

Affiliate Program 

An affiliate is a professional service provider who shares a similar client base who believes in networking, synergy and sharing a good thing. We often find good affiliate partners with P&C Insurance Agents, Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agents, Commercial Property Managers, Locksmiths, IT Service Companies, and other technology and service providers. We refer to these awesome people affectionately as ‘bird dogs’. The difference is we don’t kill our game, we serve them.
OnGuard believes these type of programs are beneficial to the client because our marketing costs are reasonable and capped, thus allowing us to deliver more value. Furthermore, for the transfer of trust to remain, OnGuard is further motivated to do a most excellent job to keep our reputation high.
Qualifier: Must register by filling the Affiliate Registration Form. Once registered and maintained, the affiliate is eligible. The affiliate shall email or call OnGuard upon referring the prospective client to us or the client must mention their name prior to the sale. 
Win / Win/ Win: OnGuard will pay $ 100 for a bonafide lead or $ 200 when the affiliate actively assists with the introduction and meeting the OnGuard rep on site, assisting with the transaction which sells for over $ 2,000 (if less, then prorated).