Smartphone Automation

Your entire Security System accessed and controlled from the palm of your hand. That’s smartphone automation.
Smartphone automation can give you unprecedented peace of mind, from the ability to check on loved ones safely arriving home, to saving energy, to keeping an eye on your assets, and more.

Security System Smartphone Automation

Smartphone Automation is the greatest inventions that’s ever hit security industry. The reason why, is that it empowers you. The benefit of smartphone automation is we have compiled the top apps, Total Connect, and others, so that puts you in control. So from tablet you are able to be aware of what’s happening at your home or your office.

Remote Arming and Disarming

At a quick glance we can easily see if the security system is armed or disarmed, you can set up to receive notifications if there is an alarm; a certain person comes in or out of the premise. If there is an emergency, power failure, you know about it! Smartphone automation. Also they are on your favorite Android, iOS, so through that if there is an emergency you are going to know about it right away and be informed.

Remote Locks Control

Furthermore, with smartphone automation, we are able to control locks. It’s an awesome security function where we can integrate the security system alarm function with the security system lock function. Together, they’re in all one tight app, so if you need to remotely lock or unlock a door, check the status of the door… Also, when you assign a user code for the alarm, the user code of the lock is integrated.  

Remote Lighting Control

Other great applications for smart phone automation, includes lighting.  We firmly believe in “A-L-L”  Alarm-Locks-Lighting. Those three elements give you excellent protection for your home or business.  Lighting can be integrated so when a door opens, motion is detected, an alarm, simply by time of day, random mode, whenever lights are automated.  Because burglars like to operate under cover of darkness.  

Remote Garage Doors Operation

Another great automation function are garage doors. Did you know that garage doors nowadays are the most common places of entry in America’s homes? We can easily integrate the overhead garage door opener into the system. Have you ever gone to bed and woke up in the morning to find your garage door open? I have. And it’s not a comfortable feeling. So, the neat thing is, that at nine o’clock at night, your door is standing open, you’re going to get a message-text or an email, prompting you to go close that door.  So you’re not unprotected for a whole night. That’s smart phone automation.

Remote Thermostat Control

Lastly, as far as convenience, and saving money, we all like to save money, is the thermostat operation. The alarm system knows whether you’re home or away. When you go away, you turn your alarm on, it automatically sets back the thermostat, or sets up or goes higher if it’s in the summer.  If you’ve got a vacation home, or are traveling, you can lower that temperature down in the winter time to 50 degrees in order to save money, then when you get on the airplane to come back, simply open up your app, turn up the temperature, and you’ll be warm and cozy when you’re home.  

Temperature Sensor Awareness

Another great function build into the app is temperature sensor awareness. If there’s a fire, it’s automatically going to turn off the fan so it doesn’t blow smoke around the house. So it’s a great safety function, as well.
And that’s why you have no worries, We Are OnGuard.