Alarm Control Panels

Alarm Control Panels come with separate CPU and All-in one units. There are the ‘brains’ of an alarm. The communicate via Cell and Internet. They can support wired, wireless or hybrid sensors. The DSC PRO is a great solutions for Commercial alarms as shown here in the below video:

Keypad & Touchpads

Keypads display system information, chime, sound alarms and allow the alarm user to initiate commands such as arming & disarming, activating panic alarms, hostage codes and other inputs. We recommend them at each entry / exit point. 

Most of our alarms run on which provides signaling to the Monitoring Station and the Client. also provides interactive control and communication.

The app is accessible from computer browsers or the award winning app. provides a host of other feature which are great from a small business all the way up to an enterprise corporation with multiple facilities.

Motion Sensors

For commercial applications this our go to motion. it is a wired Adaptive Dual Microwave/PIR Detectors continuously adjust to their environment, providing 100lb. (45.4kg) pet/animal immunity and ultimate reliability & false alarm protection. We also utilize Ceiling Mount Motions when its best to look down over stuff vs horizontally.

Door Sensors

We install a variety of Door Sensors or Contacts. They are magnetic or buttons typically. They vary in shapes, sizes and applications but all detect the OPENING of a door. 

Garage Overhead Track Mount Contact

These contact detect the opening of Garage Doors. They have a 3″ gap.

Glass Break Sensors

These devices ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ breaking glass. They provide perimeter protection and normally have a range of 20-25′.

Ext. Siren & Strobe

Alarms need to be loud, bright and aware that that is the jobs of these alarms. 

Interior Siren

Wall mount siren with seperate burglar and fire alarm sounds.


Commercial Grade Hybrid Panel running


DSC NEO is Hardwire and Wireless Commercial Security running The NEO features PowerG the industries leading ultra-secure wireless with reliable, long distance open-air range in the miles.

It supports traditional keypad, touchscreens and wireless keypad that can be controlled be the secure cloud or proximity keyfobs. We can integrate the auto disarm to many access control systems. For our clients with fences, it sports reliable outdoor motion sensors for early warning and makes a terrific alert for 24 Hour Video Monitoring.


QOLSYS IQ2 PLUS is the ultimate Wireless Security System that runs standard 345Mhz (Honeywell) and PowerG but can also be configured to run 319Hhz (Interlogix) and 433Mhz (DSC) as well as hardwire sensors.

The IQ boast great automation functionality, a superior display, built-in camera, and so much more. The list of features is extensive. For the small business, it is well suited.


Wireless finest running

THIS DSC PRO & NEO running on is a winner!

Fast and Reliable 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Services


Dynamark Central Alarm Monitoring Station

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