Nodes & Controllers

Cloud Node

The cloud node is the primary device panel that acts as the gateway to the pd cloud. It also includes a single io (one door controller) that enables 1 door to connect and run. Each location requires a cloud node with an internet connection or cellular unit which is an optional add-on. The cloud node then communicates with all local door controllers. 

1 & 2 Door Controllers

The single io controller, used to scale a pdk system for add doors. They come in three types 1) Ethernet 2) POE Ethernet 3) Wireless.

8 Door Controller

The eight door access controller is fantastic value as it handles 8 independent doors at a great price. It’s the perfect solution for system takeovers the PLUS version includes lock power too for new jobs. Available for network wired and wireless.

Readers & Credentials

Pedestal Outdoor Controller

The pedestal io controller is the solution for access control needs in outdoor applications such as parking lots, gated communities, and storage facilities. A robust weatherproof stainless-steel housing protects the controller while delivering a visually appealing design. Pedestal io controllers are mountable to goosenecks and walls and come ready for plug and play installation with an optional ruggedized touchpad reader.

Reader & Keypad

Prox Fob or Code PIN. Flexibility is what makes this reader key. Next-generation readers that feature a sleek design while remaining rock solid rugged. (Available for both standard 1-gang size and mullion slim)

Reader – Standard

Traditional Wiegand readers, a value packed choice for almost every application. Standard 1-gang and door frame mullion size. (Also available in Heavy Duty and Melal for great vandal resistance)

Mobile Phone Reader – Bluetooth

Use your mobile device as your credential (fob) with bluetooth sensing reader. It also accepts prox cards or fobs

Proximity Key Fob

Key fobs are handly, fast and convenient credentials to present within a few inches to a reader for entry. 125kHZ Gray – 25 Pack

Printable and Non-Printable Cards are also available


The heart of our cloud-based system, offers a true Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device solution for control of locks, people, etc. The apps allows authorized users to check the status of locks, lock or unlock doors, see history of access users and associated logs, add or delete users and much more.


Electric Locks

Electric Strike

These devices are recessed or can be surfaced mounted. They are most used on cylindrical or mortise locks. We recommend the be paired with ‘store room’ function locks with are locked from the outside and always unlocked from the inside for egress but do not have a knob that can unlock the handle.

Wireless Lockset

Tight integration with Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locksets. Combining Aperio® wireless technology with commercial hardware, the IN100 lock offers high-level security with flexible access control like PDK, all at decent price. 


Magnetic Lock

Mag locks have holding power of either 1200 or 600 lb. They require two means of egress other than the access control release which are typically REX Motions and egress Buttons. Smart Locks & Control

Keypad Lock

The locks run on the platform and wireless connect via Z-wave. Lock App

Full alarm system integration with total lock control


Reader & Locks Simplified

Aware, empower and fully integrated you will be with access



Entry Intercom by Comelit

Intercoms are important to have, especially with an access control systems since the doors are normally locked.

Entry Intercom by Aiphone

Clearly Identify Visitors with 7″ Touchscreen
The JP Series 7″ touchscreen allows clear identification of visitors and makes menu navigation a breeze.

Video Doorbell

With video doorbell you will have able to access and speak to anyone there anytime

Access Control Overview

Commercial Building Access Control Systems allow you to decide who comes and goes, in advance.

Common components of any Access Control System includes electronics locks controlled by keypads, proximity key fobs, readers, fingerprint scanners, and smartphone app. This is basically going to allow you to grant entry and exit permissions by time of day. So, as the owner, perhaps your access is 24 hours. Maybe the cleaning service only works on Tuesday mornings.

We carry two primary access control manufactures which are PDK and access control. Infinias is flat out the most flexible system on the market for a host of reason. is a terrific solution for a client who has an security system because of one database and one app covers it. 

If you are looking for an electronic lock system in the Indianapolis area or anywhere in Central Indiana, we have two fantastic solutions for your consideration. 


1: It’s OnGuard 24/7

Old alarm systems are good at responding to burglaries. Unfortunately, that’s all they do. 

A smart business security system is always active, with sensors and intelligence that work 24/7. It alerts you about important or suspicious activity, or if you forget to turn the alarm on. It can even arm itself and lock the business at closing time. It’s fully integrated with business.

While best-in-class emergency protection is always part of the package, for Business also prevents problems before they escalate into emergencies. 

2: You’re in Control 

To control an old security system, you stand in front of it and push the buttons. To control for Business, you can stand anywhere and use our top-rated smartphone app. 

You can turn your alarm on or off from outside. No more ‘doorway dash’ for you! Your app can lock and unlock doors remotely, show you a live video feed of what’s happening at work, and even adjust the temperature. It doesn’t matter if you’re on-site, at home, or traveling-you’re always in control. 

Got more than one business location? No problem: for Business makes it easy to see and control them all. 

3: Smart Video Surveillance Keeps You in the Know’s fully-integrated video surveillance makes it easy to see and capture important activity with video alerts, live feeds and 24/7 digital video recording—all easily viewed from your app. 

Unlike a standalone video solution, uses intelligence from your security and access systems to understand different types of activity. Want a video clip of the front door when your manager unlocks it in the morning, but not every time a customer walks in? No problem: knows the difference. 

Our service providers carry a full suite of commercial security cameras, including indoor and outdoor cameras with full HD resolution and night vision.

4: Smarter Locks Makes Access Secure and Simple 

From single stores to entire office buildings, we make it straightforward to give your employees secure, keyless entry while preventing unauthorized access to your premises, inventory and assets. 

Our smart access control solution gives you the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors, set up (and remove) employee access with keycards, keyfobs or user codes, and create customized access schedules and permission levels for different employees. 

It’s all controlled through the dashboard and fully integrated with your other solutions, enabling you to automate your door locks, get alerts when your business opens and closes, and quickly find video clips of important or suspicious access events. 

5: One Smart Solution

With this state of the art protection, intuitive simple controls, and minimal hardware to purchase, this ultimate business security solution that gives you a true value of protection, convenience, and control automatically and in the palm of your hand.

With OnGuard’s local shop, manufacturer trained installers, configuration and supporting everything, getting started with for Business is super easy and just makes sense, dollars, and sense.

Contact us for pricing today or make an arrangement to stop by our Indianapolis showroom near Fishers and Carmel.

ProDataKey Ethernet-Enabled Integrated Door Controller (eIDC) 

The door controller is a compact, PoE-enabled (one wire that is powered by a standard PoE internet switch) access door controller that facilitates installation near the door simplicity and scalability or can put at a central location, which is especially handy when taking over an existing, older system. This tiny yet mighty device supports single door to multi-site IP-based access control systems and manages up to 64,000 credentials. Yeah, 64,000 or just 1. You just pay for what you need. 

Our access controllers are fully-integrated and make adding a door control to your building pretty easy and supremely affordable. This unit is basically
a super smart relay with the ultimate convenience and control.

The Mobile Credential provides super convenient control, allowing the authorized users to operate doors from their iPhone or Android smartphone or Apples’ iWatch – all with a fast touch of a virtual button. 

Contact us to schedule a demo at your office or ours.

The bottom line is you are in control you of who comes in and out of your premise with smart Access Control Systems by OnGuard Security Solutions. (ADC) Access Control

When you operate or manage a business, everyday changes are the norm. However, your security system no longer has to be like that. 

This modern security system will most certainly help your business become smarter, more secure and more efficient across the board. It’s simple and powerful. That is amazing. access control and video is business tough, fast multitasking, top-notch commercial-grade solutions geared to the unique needs of every small and medium business. This system must be professionally installed, 24/7 monitored and supported, it offers smart security, video surveillance, access control and smart thermostats and so much more in a single, one-stop solution that you can operate with your phone. 

If you run a business and like the sound of better security, more control, less inconvenience, less waste, and the ability to see what’s happening at work, anytime, for Business is for you. 

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