Gun shot detection sensor


The DragonFly is wireless cell based IoT device which is portable or permanent installation. It is battery operated with solar or electrical power gunshot sensor. It is able to immediately discern threats versus non-threat validation analysis using energy waveform algorithms. The unit contains a resonance chamber which allows for wall, corner or pole mounting capability while providing an optimum spherical detection coverage area up to 70,000 SQ FT (approximately half of a football field with overlap). The technology originated with the Department of Energy.

• The DragonFly™ is usually deployed in ‘Hot Spot‘ areas where frequent gunfire events are an issue or likely.
• Real time notifications, data analysis capability
•  Hot Spot areas range from one to several city blocks
• The DragonFly™ are installed +/- 300 ft (100 meters) apart to ensure adequate coverage
• The sensors shall be mounted  20’ – 25’ above the ground on poles or buildings.
• When gunfire events subside, since the sensors are portable, they can swiftly be relocated. 

• EAGL DragonFly™ provides accurate gunfire event detection within Hot Spot areas without false alarms by using advanced algorithms
• The DragonFly™ can differentiate between various types of firearms such as handgun / rifle / shotgun types
• The EAGL System offers alarm notifications direct to end users and/or with central station monitoring. 
• All the gunfire event data is stored locally on EAGL Server allowing customer ownership or may be cloud based with an affordable subscription service.


The system provides for exclusive:

  • Notifications via text, email and live video stream
  • Integrations with lockdown of facilities via Access Control
  • Accurate precise GPS location of shooting with ballistic data and weapon type.
  • Geofencing capabilities for further informational integration.






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