• Annunciate entry/exit via Door Chimes
  • Activate Panic (Audible) or Hold-up (Silent) Alarms
  • Awareness of building occupancy along with Opening and Closings with schedules
  • System usage activity reports
  • Report status of door and windows
DSC NEO is Hardwire and Wireless Commercial Security running m. The NEO features PowerG the industries leading ultra-secure wireless with reliable, long distance open-air range in the miles.
It supports traditional keypad, touchscreens and wireless keypad that can be controlled be the secure cloud or proximity keyfobs. We can integrate the auto disarm to many access control systems. For our clients with fences, it sports reliable outdoor motion sensors for early warning and makes a terrific alert for 24 Hour Video Monitoring.
QOLSYS IQ2 is the ultimate Wireless Security System that runs standard 345Mhz (Honeywell) and PowerG but can also be configured to run 319Hhz (Interlogix) and 433Mhz (DSC) as well as hardwire sensors.




Reduce loss of life by detecting fires via smoke and heat detectors Reduce loss of property by detecting fires via smoke and heat detectors Fire code compliance
Potter is our leading fire alarm manufacturer. The systems support either addressable or conventional sensors. Their panels include built-in Internet communication and we typically pair it the Napco Starlink or Honeywell communicators to satisfy the Dual Communication requirements.




  • Deterring criminal activity
  • Reducing internal shrinkage and shoplifting
  • Recording video to assist managers in spotting crime and the authorities in apprehending criminals
  • Assisting management in operational activities and awareness of staff and customers
  • Verifying intrusion or fire alarms
  • Training video and audio for customer service
  • Occupational training
  • Monitoring vehicles and people
  • Quality Control
Dahua one of the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance systems. They have over 6,000 engineers and quite an array of technology including high-resolution network cameras and coaxial analog cameras.
HANWHA is a quite capable hardware company that works with some great software call WAVE.





  • Keep unwanted people from entering the facility thus reducing threats
  • Screen visitors via intercom/video
  • Allow authorized access of team members during open / scheduled hours
  • Restrict team members entering the facility during closed hours
  • Restrict visitors and unauthorized team members from certain areas of the building
  • Provide reporting of user activity
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors and gates
LEADING BRANDS: access integrates tightly with security, video and access control allowing the same database and app to run the systems. Video can also be integrated. It works best in small to medium facilities, particularly where one of our existing alarms are running or deployed.
Regardless of the size of your businesses, is scalable and makes access management easier than ever. It delivers true value with a host of leading features.
Built for the cloud. Simple and Powerful
PDK delivers a flexible platform that adapts to your existing or newly built IT infrastructure.
Our complete lineup of door controllers makes system design and implementation easier than ever. Each io device is designed with plug n’ play in mind, and super easy to install right out of the box. It’s simple to add any device and the cloud node can communicate with up to 1,000 io devices!
Connect Doors via: 
  • Ethernet Network Wired   
  • POE Network Wired
  • Wireless
Bluetooth Hands-Free Reader
The all-new touch ioTM Bluetooth reader enhances user experience while upholding the highest level of security. Using a mobile device as a credential, touch io allows users to keep their phone in their pocket for hassle-free entry
PDK’s platform delivers the ultimate in flexibility in design and pricing.
It’s future-ready right now.
Vizitor is a cloud-based app which coordinates an easy to register guest log for your facility. Say goodbye 19-century paper logs and welcome smart online Vizitor. IT. Vizitor tracks every guest securely and stores all the details provided on arrival. Whenever required the user can verify any information by going through the visitor logs in the dashboard. Notification arrivals of your guests can be sent via text msg -or- email. To learn more or register, click this link.
Interact with your expected guests
Send Invites to Visitors
You can send messages/invites directly to your visitors and discuss the place and time of a meet. You can also pre-register quests for super fast check-in.​​​​​​​
Pre-registrations of visitor
Guest check-in is a lot simpler if an invitation is sent by the hosts prior so the guest just has to accept the invite and sign in from their device that later saves ​​​​​​​time.
Automatic check-in
Invited visitors just have to type their contact number, then their details will pop up on Vizitor app and they will be checked in automatically.
    • Private Label the app with your Company Logo
    • Capture visitor photos for badge printing and the cloud-based log
    • Photos will help recognize the visitors.
    • Host notifications via text or email upon guest check-in
    • Boost your performance with analytics
    • Real-time visitor log that is private to your team (sales reps and nosey are no longer able to the guest login
    • Measure performance metrics with a live visitor log that is always up to date and displays every single detail of your guests on a single click.
    • Visitor records get stored and can be monitored through a real-time dashboard.
Why its different…and more importantly: Better!
Super easy to use
The registration process is very straightforward for both iOS and Android platforms.
Safe and secure
Every visitor checks in with all legal automation and the data is secured safely for future audits and better analysis.
Value for money
Vizitor is very economical and easy to maintain product. We have a dedicated team that will assist you whenever you get stuck. We only aspire for customer satisfaction and to ensure this we always provide timely updates of our product.

Commercial Doorbell Cameras

As if you were always at the office front door. Like a 24/7 guard, but fancier. Someone approaches your door, doorbell camera engages and sends you an alert via a mobile app. You can see who came to your house, talk to them and, with a push of a button, send an unlock signal to the smart door lock. That is smart!  

Commercial Security Cameras

Put the cameras in strategic places to keep an eye on your business assets, employees, deliveries, and processes. Our cameras have the capability to record in total darkness, be autonomous for several years (motion-activated, battery-powered), and with advanced software,  — recognize motion direction, and count customers.  Get Quick Quote

Gates and Garage Door Control

Do you keep your vehicles inside the fenced lot, garage? — protect your investment with flexible and affordable access control solution from OnGuard Security.  Get Quick Quote

Commercial Fire Alarms

Detect fire before it destroys your business. Detect heat, smoke and CO before it they kill your people.  

Commercial Freeze Alarms

Save thousands in repair costs. Be aware of freeze and keep water pipes from bursting when temperatures drop.

Commercial Remote Monitoring Solutions

  • Here is a short list of options that are available:
  • Control and monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Remote lock control
  • Event notifications
  • Real time video monitoring
  • Geofence alerts
  • Visitor management
  • and more…