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OnGuard Security Solutions is on the cutting edge of the latest technology and residential remote monitoring solutions to keep you, your loved ones, and your belongings safe. Much can be done remotely through mobile devices, such as Smart Phone, Tablet, and iPad.
residential security system
Professional Installation Matters
Don’t be fooled by Cable company service and DIY Online Systems. They don’t compare for a variety of reasons. We provide life safety by trained professionals. There is a difference! This is what we do. Security is our focus. 




new construction alarm and camera installations




New Construction Homes

In addition to existing home alarms we also prewire alarms and security cameras for custom homes. This allows us to wire the devices in the exact best locations.




Partial list of options that are available:

  • Security control and monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Remote lock control
  • Event notifications
  • Real-time video monitoring
  • Geofence alerts 
  • and more…




Residential Security Sensors & Devices


Door Alarm

Door chime works great when you are at home. When asleep, or just wanting protection, you activate the door alarms. Door alarm takes over when you are gone. Combined with other components, you residential security system can really be a life and property saver and your home can be really well protected.  

Smart Door Locks

You can establish a connection to your Smart lock at all times. You can use a keypad on the lock itself, a fob on your keychain for touchless operation, or Android or iOS app with one our cloud-based integrated remote access and management solutions. 

Door Hardening

The most common entry for burglars is your front door. Once you have video monitoring setup, it is wise to harden the doorways against kicks. We have the hardware, skill and experience. 

Doorbell Cameras

As if you were always at home. Like a bellboy-robot, but fancier. Someone approaches your door, doorbell camera engages and sends you an alert via a mobile app. You can see who came to your house, talk to them and, with a push of a button, send an unlock signal to the smart door lock. That is smart. 

Security Cameras

Keep your eye on what is beautiful to you. Put the criminals where they belong. Put the cameras in strategic places inside and outside your residence, cabin, vacation home. Our advanced technology has High-Resolution security surveillance cameras, both wired and wireless video cameras.  

Garage Door Control 

Garage doors that know when to open and close. If you forget to close it, but are away from home, the system will let you know and ask for your action/non-action: leave it open or close. If you leave it open in the evening, the system will ask you to close it for the night of leave open.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

The wrong type of smoke detector can kill! OnGuard installs photoelectric smoke detectors. We also have detectors that have built-in Carbon Monoxide, Freeze and Heat.
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Protect what matters most, you more and more so, the people and pets within it.
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