Security Cameras

Security Camera installation in Indianapolis

There are many different options when it comes to Security Surveillance Camera Systems 
 OnGuard Security Solutions can help you accomplish your Video Surveillance goals. We have many options, even have a new camera system that works with older technology,
allowing you to keep your existing system.
When it comes to security cameras you can trust that OnGuard has the latest technologies. Video Surveillance Camera system is important security component that gives your home or your business eyes to see.



Bullet-style Cameras

First of all we have bullet-style cameras. These cameras can be wired or wireless. And the nice thing about the cameras nowadays is high video resolution. These cameras start off at 2 to 5 even 8 mega pixels. So when you need to go back and play back surveillance video, you expand it, it does not get pixilated quite as bad as recorded with older cameras would. So bullet camera with a vari-focal lens lets you get just the right shot.

Dome Cameras

We also have high quality dome cameras. Often we use these on a horizontal surface perhaps underneath a gutter and any type of ceiling mount you’d like to use the dome cameras. Domes cameras also come in vari-focal and again they are color, black and white, and have infrared illuminators built in so you can see in total darkness. Our Dome Cameras they are vandal resistant, very rugged and can serve you very well.

Miniature Bullet Cameras

We also have a miniature style bullet cameras, nice for variety of applications. Don’t let this camera size fool you. It has 3 megapixels resolution and is priced right a right.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

We also have pan tilt zoom cameras which can cover a whole parking lot – we can do that.

Mega Cameras

We also have mega cameras where they have 3 or 4 cameras within one housing to cover a lot like the size of Walmart parking. Huge parking lot is monitored with ONE Mega Camera! 
Let OnGuard Security Solutions provide you with the best Security Video Surveillance System.
No worries…We Are OnGuard.