Wireless Security Cameras

With today’s technology, there are some terrific wireless options. We often do wireless, wired and hybrid security cameras from our headquarters in Indianapolis.
Commercial Wireless Cameras 
OnGuard can deploy a wireless network to wireless signals from buildings, poles or pretty much anything that has electrical power and line of site.
We have successfully installed wireless systems covering apartment complexes, neighborhoods, and commercial campuses. 
Alarm.com Wireless Residential Cameras
We like to use alarm.com cameras for residential application where wiring is difficult. Reliable wireless cameras require electrical power for medium to long-term stability. Alarm.com offers wireless indoor, outdoor wireless cameras and they can also include wired cameras (hybrid) and video doorbells. 
We soon will be able to monitor alarm.com via our Central Station
Videofied Wireless Alarm Cameras
With Videofied we are able to employ wireless cameras on the outdoor of a property, preferably on the fenced or closed area. You can turn it on with a security keypad or an application.
Someone walks in front of the unit, the motion detection detects that and it quickly and wirelessly uploads the video to the central monitoring station. At that point, we can ascertain if that looks something is suspicious and in return immediately dispatch the piece as a verified alarm. So its real time, real surveillance Videofied, it’s a great choice for outdoor coverage.


Give us a ring to learn more about our video cameras options in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and across Central Indiana.