The OnGuard Stand

The OnGuard Stand

Have No Worries, our systems stand tall.
We are OnGuard, not missing a beat.
Protecting our clients, one and all,
By stopping the criminals, whom we defeat!

OnGuard your place and keep ’em safe,
From fire and harm that comes your way,
We are mighty vigilant with pros who are brave,
Have No Worries, night or day!

It’s a blessing to have such a team in place,
To protect good people, to quell the fear.
We are striving keep it safe in every space,
so it’s a comfort to know, we’ve been there!

Always steadfast, OG tech needs no break.
We are a reliable friend, who’s quick to defend.
Poised to shout, should danger quake.
Keeping yours from harm, safety a trend!

A comforting presence, a guardian of sorts,
We are a dependable service, earning your trust,
Keeping you in the know with critical reports.
Have No Worries, the thieves are bust!

Deploying smart cams and strong locks in position,
We are constantly OnGuard all around.
Professional protection is our mission,
Exposing all kinds of evil where it’s found!

The OnGuardman keeps omni eye.
We are shining a bright light into the darkness.
Be assured, the eye in the sky…does not lie.
Have No Worries, we are your fortress!

‘Safe & Secure’ is the OnGuard stand,
We are protection from danger, from the street.
Count on fast alert, across the land.
Have No Worries, you’re in for a treat!

Kirk Booher, OnGuard Security Solutions

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