Dare to Discover: Unveiling the Mysterious Rooster Dumper Phenomenon

All in a day…we at OnGuard Security Solutions had our own poultry day this week as we discovered a rooster dumper that this lady pictured dumped in our neighbor’s rooster dumper on Monday. While it may seem like a bizarre incident, it’s not uncommon for people to abandon animals in inappropriate places. Our team promptly contacted local animal control to ensure the rooster’s safety and find it a suitable home. This incident serves as a reminder to exercise compassion towards animals and report any cases of animal cruelty or neglect.

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Rooster Dumper

Thankfully, for the Rooster’s sake, one of our team members, Scott, noticed on his way into the office. He and his daughter rescued said Rooster who is now living on a farm (see pic).

Once again, No Worries…WeAreOnGuard

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