Wireless Security Cameras

Are wireless cameras just as good as their wired counterparts? When is wireless better? What are the pros and cons of camera choices?

Wireless Security Cameras

With today’s technology you can and we do recommend wireless security cameras in certain applications. One of the greatest applications with interesting technology is called Videofied.


With Videofied we are able to employ wireless cameras on the outdoor of a property, preferably on the fenced or closed area. You can turn it on with a security keypad or an application.
Someone walks in front of the unit, the motion detection detects that and it quickly and wirelessly uploads the video to the central monitoring station. At that point, we can ascertain if that looks something is suspicious and in return immediately dispatch the piece as a verified alarm. So its real time, real surveillance Videofied, it’s a great choice for outdoor coverage.

Hi-Definition Security Camera Advantage

Other interesting thing is the difference between HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition). Today many of our systems use cameras with resolutions ranging from 2 to 8 megapixels. The main hi-definition security camera advantage is better accuracy while identifying objects and persons during real-time view and replay of security camera recordings.

Black-and-White Security Cameras

Another important consideration is the choice between color and black-and-white security cameras. For low light applications and night times, black-and-white is the way to go. Most of the systems nowadays employ infrared lighting so you can see in total darkness.
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