Remote viewing NVR cameras is not working – End user troubleshooting guide

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If you lost the ability to see your cameras from the remote viewing app.

1) Verify the power on both the Internet Router / Modem Box and Network Video Recorder unit on location. 

2)  Verify the internet service is working at the location (power is ON router/modem, test speed via wifi or ethernet connection to a computer). Make sure there is 1 – 2 Mbps of upload speed (check on computer or phone internet speed via your browser on a computer ( or download and check with the app.

This is about UPLOAD connection and Speed.

3) Make sure all the correct cables are connected to NVR to Router/Modem. Make sure no on unplugged stuff (IT Company, service provided, malicious employee or other, careless employee or other)

4) Verify you have a stable internet connection on your phone / device with decent download speed by testing with app Speedtest app or another. Normally need about 2mbps per camera but can work with less. This is about the DOWNLOAD connection and speed.

5) If onsite and its still not working, turn off Wifi on phone and connect to the cameras via Cell service connection only.

6) Verify there have been no changes in the device app settings since it was working previously.

7) Make sure the IT company didn’t change anything or the network firewall is not blocking the NVR from connecting. If so, need to WHITELIST it.

8) Reboot the recorder and/or camera switch

Rebooting the device both clears the memory and sets up the basic network parameters of the recorder or camera again. This can help if the router has “lost” the device from the routing table or if the device requires a new local IP address.

9) Reboot the modem and/or network connection devices

There may be an issue with your modem or network connection that is preventing the NVR unit from contacting the internet correctly. Rebooting these devices can correct these issues. 

Make sure you can see the cameras live on the NVR or the problem might lie with the unit itself.

10) Reconnect the network cable and/or try a different one

For some units such as recorders, the network (Ethernet) cable connects your device to your internet-connected devices such as a modem or a router. Sometimes the contacts may become loose requiring you to replug the cable for the recorder to start working again. We suggest testing the cable on a different LAN port, located behind your modem/router. If this also fails, then your cable may be defective and may need to be replaced. If you have a spare network cable lying around, try switching the cable to see if it helps.

If all the above fails, call OnGuard for technical support and a truck roll is most likely necessary. 

(Advanced) Internet / Network connection is not stable or connecting to NVR 


  • There may be an IP address conflict.
  • There may be a MAC address conflict.
  • PC or device network card is not good.

Possible Solutions:

  • Check the cable connection from the system to the router/modem
  • Your router or modem may be failing and needs to be replaced.
  • Check for DHCP and static IP address.
  • Check the MAC address.
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