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Troubleshooting Guide (Video and Access)

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Problem: Can not connect remote view / control with Video or Access Control System

Tier 1 Support

(Up to 15 minutes at no charge unless Support Repair Plan in place)

  1. Verify electrical power and internet data is on to all device (dvr, access, router/modem)

2. Ask if any recent changes with Internet service, equipment, construction, etc (If so, have tem fix or schedule service call onsite or remote)

3. Make sure correct ‘internal’ or ‘external’ IP address is selected (If local make sure connected to wifi, if external, make sure wifi on device is off)

4. Verify correct info is being entered (IP address, ddns, user name, password)…look on C of C or recent work orders.

5. Reboot power on all devices.

If still not working, contact us for next steps. Most likely, we will need to schedule a Service Call.

Tier 2 (billable unless support / warranty plan covers)

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