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Dahua’s Panoramic Stitched Multi-Sensor Cameras

Categories: Video Surveillance Super-Wide Panoramic Security Cameras These panoramic security cameras deliver a super widescreen of like 180 degrees with just on camera. So you save labor and hardware cost with video surveillance solutions.   See for yourself by checking out the video:      

B-link Video Partnership

OnGuard Security is please to announce our selection and approval to work with IMPD (Indianapolis Marion-county Police Department) B-link program.     B-Link Info: Partner with IMPD to link you cameras via our innovative new technology platform.  Securely share live stream video, which is immediately available to IMPD’s  Incident Analysis Center.   Here is a link to […] Active Smart Video Surveillance with Remote Monitoring

OnGuard is super excited to share this video about a recent video surveillance/alarm system for a local auto dealer. This system is truly cutting edge. It is active with fast smart notifications to customers and/or monitoring stations for verification and police/security guard dispatching. Watch this video and contact us if you have a need or questions […]

Apartment Fire Alarm saves the day

OnGuard was able to upgrade an ADT fire alarm for a local Apartment complex. OnGuard has the experience and desire to take over, convert and upgrade many different alarm manufactures and installation companies. We were able to test and connect the existing security and fire sensors. For good measure, replaced and added a few devices. […]

Human Fever Thermal Camera – Detect viruses like Corona Covid-19

Categories: Commercial, Video SurveillanceCheck out this brand new Human Body Fever Detecting Thermal Camera.   It’s fast, accurate and hi-tech and no cheap but how much does saving illness, a life or a possible lawsuit worth?The whole system is about $ 25k installed (see complete kit below diagram). It can be moved, re-purposed and used in the future […]