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Q&A: Outdoor Lighting, LTS App, and remote viewing of Cameras

Solutions for Outdoor Lighting QUESTION Hi Kirk, I have a few questions concerning my outdoor lighting. I have noticed that I have an IR illuminator that is not functioning on one of my cameras. It is focused on the drive in front of our home.  I did bring this up at the initial installation, but […]

Alarm.com’s New Video Doorbell

It’s here! New Video Doorbell We have been waiting and now it’s available. The only Video Doorbell that has smart analytics and a host of other features. Video Analytics with instant Notifications:

9 years ago and running strong

We are always striving to improve at OnGuard with our Video Surveillance and Security Camera skills and offerings. Thankfully, the video cameras, camera recorders and security system technology keep getting better and better. We are happy to demo what we can offer, it speaks or shows itself.

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