Monthly Archives: October 2020

Alarm Monitoring Rate Increases at OTHER alarm companies

At OnGuard we have never had a rate increase and have no plans of one in the ten years of we have been in the security alarm business. Other companies do it as matter of practice. If you read ADT’s small print on their contract (last I looked) it says they reserve the right to […]

Peace and Eternal Security (Spiritual matter, read at your own risk:)

This verse, John 10:10, is one dear to me as it part of our Purpose; Security. Eternal security is even better. It’s our mission to stop thieves from stealing. It includes preventing ‘bad things from happening to good people’ so in that light, I share this: As an electronic security integrator, our systems and services […]

OnGuard Tip: Make your place un-attractive

That is un-attractive to thieves, that it is. Cut back bushes so they don’t cover up windows. Have plenty of outdoor light at night. We recommend dusk to dawn photo-cells controlled, good quality motion lights or those controlled by smart cameras with analytics that can control lights. Timer are also good and many modern alarms […]

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