Alarm Monitoring Rate Increases at OTHER alarm companies

OnGuard: No rate increases in a decade. Commitment to security alarm prices. Rates remain steady, no future plans to change. Tired of unexpected alarm monitoring rate hikes from other alarm companies? Say goodbye to surprise charges and hello to peace of mind with our transparent and reliable alarm monitoring service. Our competitive rates ensure that you get the best value for top-notch security without breaking the bank. We understand the frustration that comes with sudden price increases, which is why we prioritize honesty and consistency in our pricing. With us, what you see is what you get — no hidden fees or sudden spikes in your monthly bill. Rest easy knowing that your home or business is safeguarded with 24/7 monitoring at a price that won’t give you a shock. Don’t let other alarm companies take advantage of you with their sneaky rate hikes. Choose a trusted service that puts your needs first and provides a seamless experience from installation to ongoing monitoring. Join the countless satisfied customers who have made the switch and never looked back. Make the smart choice for your security needs and enjoy reliable protection without the unwelcome surprises.

Alarm Monitoring
Every dollar counts

Other companies do it as matter of practice. In ADT’s contract (as of my last update), they have the authority to raise alarm monitoring and security service prices after the initial year, and, notably, they frequently exercise this option.

In the past, it was easier to switch alarm service providers with big blue. Today, they are not as open since they exclusively use proprietary Residio equipment for ADT.

ALARM BUYER TIP: There are plenty of excellent NON-PROPRIETARY alarm systems in the market. Ensure your alarm system is compatible, avoiding exclusivity with providers like ADT, and consider alternatives such as Xfinity, Simply Safe, Sonitrol, Simplex, Pyrotronics, and Siemens for commercial fire alarms.

A recent example includes General Alarm, a division of Mulhaupt’s Inc, increasing their alarm monitoring prices by $1-3 per month.

Alarm Monitoring

At OnGuard, our prices remain fixed throughout the initial term, except in cases where external regulatory or government entities impose uncontrollable additional costs.

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