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An unsolicited testimonial from Trinity Church

We recently completed taking over multiple systems from a competitor to be nameless at Trinity Church with locations on the NE side of Indianapolis and further east in Fishers on Holio, I mean Olio Rd. Here is what the Executive Pastor wrote: Finally, I just want to say how pleased and impressed we’ve been with […]

Apartment Fire Alarm saves the day

OnGuard was able to upgrade an ADT fire alarm for a local Apartment complex. OnGuard has the experience and desire to take over, convert and upgrade many different alarm manufactures and installation companies. We were able to test and connect the existing security and fire sensors. For good measure, replaced and added a few devices. […]

Burglar thwarted afternoon entering a remodeling project home.

Categories: Intrusion Alarm, TestimonialsThis intruder pictured below entered a local investment  property and the alarm went off, he left immediately and police got dispatched! Customer is very happy… said ‘this system saved me thousands of dollars’. He had his furnace and appliances stolen the week before the alarm got put it.  Pic is from low res Image Sensor which […]

Home real-estate investor speaks about his smart security system.

We recently installed a security system and it worked like a champ (see this article for details) and listen to this:     If you want to learn how new construction, remodeling smart alarm security solutions can work for you, let us know.   We have got the goods, promise!

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