Burglar thwarted afternoon entering a remodeling project home.

Categories: Intrusion AlarmTestimonialsThis intruder pictured below entered a local investment  property and the alarm went off, he left immediately and police got dispatched! Customer is very happy… said ‘this system saved me thousands of dollars’. He had his furnace and appliances stolen the week before the alarm got put it.  Pic is from low res Image Sensor which only requires cell data to communicate with built-in alarm motion sensor.  Nice job all including our Monitoring partners. 

What, criminals won’t self-quarantine? Better safe, than sorry. It’s a great to be OnGuard www.WeAreOnGuard.com We got means and desire to help you and your clients whether it be Commercial, Industrial or Residential: Keep unwanted people out via access control. Detect high fever individuals via Thermal cameras which help keep venues, plants, and buildings healthy. Smart video cameras to detect intruders and trespassers BEFORE they commit a crime. Provide awareness and peace of mind of loved ones (children, elderly parents, nurses, etc) when you can’t be at home. Awesome medical wellness and emergency notifications. Alarms, Video, Access Control, Intercoms, etc Call 317.572.5777 or. visit us online www.WeAreOnGuard.com PS… nice finders fees shared with referral partners. Call for details.   

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