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Pursuing Perfection to Catch Excellence (Kaizen)

Embark on a journey of continuous improvement with ‘Pursuing Perfection to Catch Excellence’, also known as Kaizen. This ancient Japanese philosophy emphasizes making small, incremental changes to achieve significant improvements over time. Just like the steady flow of a river shapes the landscape, practicing Kaizen can transform your life, business, or any endeavor you pursue. […]

Active deterrent cameras

Video surveillance monitoring with active deterrent cameras is an effective way to protect your exterior building and property. You can remotely monitor and secure your property with security cameras and video analytics. OnGuard Security Solutions offers a wide range of video surveillance solutions to protect against intruders and threats. Security Cameras in Video Surveillance Security […]

IMPD B-Link Limited Time Grant Program for video surveillance systems

IMPD has a grant program happening now to incentivize businesses in Indianapolis with preferences to higher crime areas. Watch this video to learn more: OnGuard is an authorized B-link integrator who can handle the installation, equipment and cloud service. The grant is up to $2,500. You can read more here about the program and apply […]

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