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Congratulations to clients – Paige’s Music and Mattingly Construction

Congratulations on another successful project ‘Paige’s Music’ to the crew at Mattingly! OnGuard is happy to have secured both the old and as well as this new location of one of the oldest and most successful musical instrument sales companies in the U.S. One thing special about Paige’s Music is the tenure of their employees, […]

The Latest Alarm Security install in progress

The ongoing Latest alarm security installation enhances premises safety. It combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced features for maximum security. Surveillance cameras, with high-resolution capabilities, monitor activities. Motion sensors and access control prevent unauthorized access and detect suspicious behavior. Real-time monitoring and remote access provide peace of mind to property owners. The system serves as an […]

Active deterrent cameras

Video surveillance monitoring with active deterrent cameras is an effective way to protect your exterior building and property. You can remotely monitor and secure your property with security cameras and video analytics. OnGuard Security Solutions offers a wide range of video surveillance solutions to protect against intruders and threats. Security Cameras in Video Surveillance Security […]

Catalytic Thief

‘Alleged’ Catalytic converter Thief caught on video camera recently in the Greenbiar Shopping Mall, NW side of Indianapolis. What you looking for under that van for? He came back later and cut a catalytic converter off the which cost my client $4k. Let’s see what the IMPD police do next? Kirk Booher, Onguard.

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