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IMPD B-Link Limited Time Grant Program for video surveillance systems

IMPD has a grant program happening now to incentivize businesses in Indianapolis with preferences to higher crime areas. Watch this video to learn more: OnGuard is an authorized B-link integrator who can handle the installation, equipment and cloud service. The grant is up to $2,500. You can read more here about the program and apply […]

Catalytic Thief

‘Alleged’ catalytic converter thief caught on video camera recently in the Greenbiar Shopping Mall, NW side of Indianapolis. What you looking for under that van for? He came back later and cut a catalytic converter off the which cost my client $4k. Let’s see what the IMPD police do next?

DVR / NVR Off-line with Dahua video app for remote viewing of video

OnGuard, Any suggestions on getting the offsite cameras back up? I rely on them during the night for peace of mind or in the event of an alarm. Thank you Paul, I am sorry you are having that issue Your DVR is most likely: *Powered off*Lost its internet connection If internet, that could be due […]

Virtual Security Guard Video Monitoring is growing by leaps and bounds.

Below are prime sectors for 24-hour live video guard monitoring at the faction of the price of human guards. With today’s advanced analytics, we will be impressed….that’s a promise. Today’s systems are quite customizable for a variety of applications and price points. Apartment SecurityAuto Dealerships SecurityConstruction SecurityCritical Infrastructure SecurityRetail SecurityIndustrial & Manufacturing SecuritySchool Security Benefits […]

Don’t let the punks punk your stuff undetected or undeterred.

With OnGuard’s Active Deterrent Cameras and live 24 hr interactive video monitoring, we are in the know quickly. Our technology is able to detect people, vehicles and/or animals by schedule or alarms arming status. These individuals were immediately detected and police dispatched as they attempted to light this dumpster on fire by dropping fireworks in […]

Perimeter fences need plenty of protection

If you have something valuable behind a fence, chain links can easily be cut as this fence was cut wide open on the north east-side of Indianapolis, in the Castleton area recently. OnGuard utilizes Active Deterrent Cameras with 24/7 responsive monitoring to stop crime in its tracks. Contact us to learn more. Be Pro-Active, Be […]

‘Active’ Video Surveillance in action.

Check this out. The truck drops off a stranger at a local Indianapolis auto dealership around 11:30 pm. As the suspect walks into the lot, active smart motion detection built into camera analytics detects a person. Since the alarm is one, a loud siren blares, lights flash, notifications are sent to the owner, and the […]

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